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It is a fan-given name as substitute for lack thereof, and should not be considered as part of the Attack on Titan universe.

Conny's mother (コニーの母 Konī no haha?)[1] is the mother of Conny Springer and a resident of Ragako village.[2] She was transformed into a Titan by the Beast Titan during Wall Rose's supposed breach.


Human form

Ms. Springer appears to be an older woman with bright amber eyes and mild wrinkles. Her dark blonde hair appeared fairly long but was kept in a formal bun parted down the middle. She also has large, light eyes that seems to be partly sunken in due to age, and she is seen holding a humble, monotone expression.

Pure Titan form

In her Titan form, Ms. Springer has a large head with a wide open mouth and large amber eyes. She has medium length, dark blonde hair flipped upward due to her permanent resting position as a grounded Titan. Her torso is a triangular shape with thin skin, outlining most of her ribs and even showing a few uncovered ones. Her arms and legs are incredibly small and thin-skinned, showing bony outlines of her skeleton. Due to her huge head and body with her severely underdeveloped limbs, she is unable to move from her house which she permanently lays in as she was turned into a Titan on the spot, crushing her home.


Eve of the Counterattack arc

When her son, Conny Springer, stands in a crowd to join the Scout Regiment, he tells himself that his mother would have been so happy to see him join the Military Police Regiment.[3]

Clash of the Titans arc

After a horde of Titans mysteriously appears in Wall Rose, Conny goes to Ragako to look for his family members. He finds the village devoid of people, but there is a strangely immobile Titan lying on top of his family's house and none of the Scouts with him can figure out how it had gotten there.[2]

Conny hears the Titan welcome him home

Once they finish their investigation, the Scouts decide to leave the village despite not knowing exactly what happened. As they depart, the Titan on Conny's house tells him "Wel...come...home..." Conny is shocked and confused, but Reiner reminds him to think of his duty so Conny leaves the village with everyone else.[4]

Moblit Berner later visits Ragako with a few other Scouts and they discover the Titan trapped inside of a house. One of the Scouts brings him a portrait of Conny Springer's parents. When Moblit holds it upside-down he is able to notice the resemblance between Conny's mother and the face of the Titan.[5]

This news gets back to Conny and he carries his parents' portrait with him when he reports to Erwin Smith along with Hange Zoë to explain the Scout Regiment's findings at Ragako, and how the villagers were likely turned into Titans.[6]