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My Young Heart Tickled by Blindfolds (眼帯がくすぐる俺の中2ゴコロ Gantai ga Kusuguru ore no naka 2-gokoro?) is the 4th chapter of the 5th volume and the 36th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


The group No Name has advanced to the finals of the Battle of the Bands. After hearing that the odds are still stacked against the humans, Eren comes up with a plan to help give No Name a chance to win. Will Eren's plan succeed or lead to failure for the group?


As the group No Name advance to the finals in the Battle of the Bands, Eren continues to cheer them on; he is quickly joined by Sasha who purchased several overpriced souvenirs from Hitch.

Hitch reveals the contest is rigged

Despite reveling in her newly acquired wealth, Hitch mentions to Eren and the others that the entire competition is fixed in favor of the Titans. Due to them having more power at the school and the judges in on it, Hitch mentions what happened to No Name last year. Wishing to enact some revenge, Eren comes up with a plan.

In the auditorium, Hange looks on from the sides as the Titan band performs for the final. Levi mentions she can leave when a loud ruckus is heard in the audience. They notice the members of Class 4 have entered and are disrupting the audience. Just then, the Titan singer jumps to crowd surf and manages to land on several of the Class 4 students. Eren rushes the singer and is promptly swallowed, much to the shock of his friends and the members of No Name.

Eren emerges victorious

Suddenly, Eren pops out of the Titan's mouth, having revealed him and the others covered themselves in wasabi to render the Titans unable to perform. Hange mentions they now have a slight chance to win when the master of ceremonies and the judges are swallowed as well, leaving neither side as the winner. As Jean confronts Eren for his actions, Hange goes over and thanks him for trying. After Eren proclaims they will win next year by starting immediately, Hange then suddenly berates them for thinking about next year and orders they have fun at the festival. Eren remains steadfast, while the others immediately go off and leave Eren alone.

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