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Nack Tierce (ナック・ティアス Nakku Tiasu?) is a 1st year Attack Junior High School student.


Nack has brown hair and eyes. He wears the standard boys uniform of the school.


Nack arrives at Attack Junior High School and is in class 1-4. He attends the first-year entrance ceremony, and later flees when Titans invade the area.[1]

Nack and Thomas mock Eren

Nack, along with Thomas, mock Eren's desire for chee-burgs and Nack calls him "chee-burg bastard." He later participates in the school's dodgeball tournament on Annie's team.[2]

Nack watches as Bertholdt blocks the ball with his face in the practice of the volleyball club.[3]

Following a challenge by the upperclassmen, Nack participates in the school's Sports Day games, teaming up with Daz and Milieus.[4]

In the school's 104th festival, Nack helps at Eren's cheeseburgers stand. He later flees when Titans appear and steal all of the food stands.[5]

When teachers get in the way of Eren trying to head to the Titans' building to retrieve his chee-burgs, Nack, along with his classmates stand up for him and come between them. He later watches Ilse Langnar's broadcast of Eren and the others venturing into the principal's office, and cheers once Eren manages to retrieve a chee-burg.[6]