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Nambia (ナンビア Nanbia?) is an ambassador from a foreign land and a childhood friend of Willy Tybur. She serves as one of several ambassadors for her nation during the Liberio festival following the Marley Mid-East War.


Nambia is a middle-aged woman with light brown skin and chin-length black hair which she keeps partially tied back. As ambassador, she wears a long-sleeved white dress that is visibly refined as per her wealthy status.


Nambia and Willy Tybur were childhood friends to some extent. As children, Nambia oftentimes made Willy cry. After their childhood experiences, Nambia and Willy would not see each other again for many years.


Marley arc

Nambia meets Willy

On the eve of the festival in the Liberio internment zone, Nambia and Ogweno attend a gathering of world ambassadors. They joyfully greet Willy Tybur, an old friend, during the festivities. Reuniting with Willy, he and Nambia reminisce on their childhood misadventures.[1]

Nambia attends Willy's production the next day, where he reveals the true history of the world, discrediting his family. Later, she gets emotional when Willy calls to unite the people of different nations to lend their strength in the fight against Paradis Island.

Nambia sees debris flying

When Willy declares war, the Attack Titan materializes and crushes the stage, sending debris flying into the crowd.[2]

Eren's transformation and his brutal murder of Willy causes a panic in the audience. In their effort to get away from the Titan, Ogweno and Nambia rush away from the stage amidst the crowd.[3]