Nicholas Lovof (ニコラス・ロヴォフ Nikorasu Rovofu?) is a character from Attack on Titan: No Regrets. He is an anti-expedition faction leader and close associate of the Lang Company. 


Lovof is shown to be an elderly man with a tired expression. His hair is shoulder length on the sides of his face, but in the back it reaches towards the middle of his back. He also has a mustache with facial hair coming from the sides of his face down into a neck length beard.


Lovof is a greedy noble who focuses on every detail that stands between him and his goal. He proves to be a manipulative, cautious, and apathetic person; he seeks only to benefit himself regardless of the cost, even going so far as to hire Levi and his friends to "take care of him," meaning Erwin.


Attack on Titan: No Regrets

Wanting to use money given to the Survey Corps for his own desires, Lovof becomes more adamant that their expeditions should be suspended indefinitely. He manages to gather enough favor to convince parliament to stop funding the Survey Corps' expeditions. Darius Zackly explains it to Keith Shadis and Erwin Smith. The latter puts forth a plan, and five days after, Lovof has changed his mind.[1]

Lovof sends a messenger to the underground city who make contact with Levi and his friends, offering them money and life in the capital in exchange of a compromising document Erwin posseses. The trio eventually accepts and decide to blackmail Lovof once they get it.[2]

After the death of Isabel and Furlan, Levi attacks Erwin and reveals his mission, but Erwin tells him he gave the document to Zackly. He tells Levi Lovof's intentions for hiring him and his friends and states that it was Lovof's meddling that was his downfall.[3]



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