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Quote1.png You...have every right to be angry. But...we did not stay silent out of malice! I do not cling to my own life as if it is something precious! I will prove that to you! Quote2.png
— Minister Nick refuses to speak to Hange[4]

Nick (ニック Nikku?), often formally referred to as Minister Nick (ニック司祭 Nikku Shisai?), was a high standing, devoted member of the Church of the Walls, a religion that worships the Walls and considers them to be holy.


Nick was a very tall man and older looking with noticeable wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes, which had dark circles over them. His hair was high up on his head and was parted to the left, with the sides and back being much shorter. He wore a black cassock with three bands near the top that had the symbols of the Walls.[5]


Nick's outburst during Eren's trial

Nick could be characterized by the word extreme. Any attempt to interfere with his mission or the Walls was a sin and considered the worst possible offense in his mind. He never hesitated to make his opinion known and was extremely quick to condemn anyone who disagreed with him. This was displayed at the trial of Eren Yeager where he loudly called for his execution and publicly argued with a merchant who suggested sealing the Walls. Any viewpoint besides his own was considered sinful and horribly wrong.[6]

However, Nick's personality changed quite substantially when he witnessed the extent of the war. Since he lived within Wall Sheena, he never had to see the bloodshed, so the shock of seeing the destruction past the Wall mortified him. He never again condemned anyone or made public his opinions as he became very quiet.[7] He converted into a bleak and depressing man; only willing to speak when it was absolutely necessary. He did still retain the secretive aspect of his personality, and refused to reveal any information about the Walls, even after seeing the horrors caused by the Titans. So great was his devotion, that even the threat of death could not sway him.[8]

Nick did show signs of changing his viewpoint before he was murdered. While he did not reveal any secrets about the Walls, he did give the name of someone who could. His allegiance may have been changing since, as Levi Ackerman theorized, he would not reveal any information about the Survey Corps to his torturer.[9]


Nick claimed that he lost his family as a result of his addiction to alcohol.[10]

As a religious leader, Nick used his influence to oppose any modification of the Walls, be it permanently sealing the gates or even mounting cannons on the top. Though he claimed it was blasphemy for humans to "maim" the Wall, the real reason was to reduce the risk of workers discovering the Titans within during renovations.


The Female Titan arc

Minister Nick first appears at Eren Yeager's military trial. He and Nile Dok advocate for Eren's execution because of the danger his power poses. During the trial, a merchant suggests permanently sealing Wall Rose to stave off another Titan attack, enraging Nick. Calling the man a heretic, Nick argues that the Walls should not be altered, growing so intense in his argument that Darius Zackly is forced to silence him.[11]

Hange holds Nick over the edge of the Walls as he accepts death

He is later seen preaching in a church in Stohess District about the sanctity of the Walls, when Eren punches the Female Titan into the building, killing everyone but Nick. Dread fills him as he realizes that the two Titans are gradually making their way towards Wall Sheena, realizing that their fight could potentially damage the Wall.[12]

After Annie breaks a portion of Wall Sheena and exposes a Titan within, Nick pleads that it be covered up immediately to prevent sunlight from awakening it. Realizing that Nick knew the truth about the Titans within the Walls the entire time, Hange Zoë threatens him in an attempt to get him to reveal more, but he refuses. Hange threatens to throw him off the Wall, but he responds by claiming to be a sinner and that it is his duty to not divulge secrets.[8]

Clash of the Titans arc

Nick sees the refugees flooding Ehrmich District

Nick is forced at gunpoint to travel with Levi and Hange to Ehrmich District.[7] After arriving in Ehrmich, Nick is horrified by the sight of the hundreds of refugees fleeing from Wall Rose. Nick tries to avert his gaze but Levi forces him to watch and accept the reality of his decision to withhold information. Nick meets with Hange and reveals that, although he is not at liberty to disclose everything he knows, he can point them to a member of the Survey Corps who can tell more: Krista Lenz.[13]

Nick is later seen with Levi and a few Military Policemen within Trost District.[14]

Royal Government arc

Hange finds Minister Nick's corpse

Nick is given a room in Trost's military barracks to stay in. In the middle of the night, he is visited by two members of the Military Police's First Interior Squad. Fearing that Nick might have given away capital secrets to the Survey Corps, the two policemen were dispatched by the royal government to find out what, if anything, Nick had said and then dispose of him.

Although he is brutally tortured, Nick refuses to say anything, and the two men eventually kill him. To cover up their deed, they declare the area a crime scene, claiming that Nick was killed during a burglary gone wrong.[15]


Nick's statistics as of year 850[1]:

Weakness of will