Nifa (ニファ Nifa?) is a Survey Corps soldier.


Nifa is a fit woman, and relatively average in height. She has large dark eyes, and short choppy dark hair parted in the middle with bangs. As a Survey Corps solider, she wears the uniform when working. However, in her leisure time she can be seen wearing a simple weight blouse, a short black pencil skirt, and white socks.


Nifa appears to be kind, complimenting Petra Ral on her outfit when seeing it. She gets along with her fellow soldiers and is often quite cheerful in her demeanor.


Nifa, Nanaba, and Lynne obsess over Petra's dress

Nifa, Nanaba, and Lynne obsess over Petra's dress

When Petra Ral tries on a brand-new dress, Nifa, along with Nanaba and Lynne compliment how beautiful the dress is. Nifa comments that the dress if very well-made, but when Petra asks if it actually looks good on her, Nifa and the other soldiers all leave immediately saying they have something urgent to do, avoiding saying anything to Petra about how the dress looks on her.[1]


  • Petra Ral - Nifa appears to be on good terms with Petra and is close with her as friend, complimenting her clothes and crowding her with the other soldiers. However, it does not appear that Nifa and Petra are close enough to be blunt with each other, as she refused to state her opinion on how Petra's dress looked on her.[1]
  • Nanaba and Lynne - Nifa is close with these fellow soldiers, and is able to talk casually with them. They are able to be on the same page rather quickly a they all avoided Petra together without saying a word to each other.



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