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Nile Dawk (ナイル・ドーク Nairu Dōku?) is a teacher at Attack Junior High School.


Nile has a thin mustache and goatee, a dark gray undercut with slightly ruffled black hair, and dark brown eyes. He wears a gray suit with a white shirt underneath, along with a red tie.


Nile is a stern teacher who strictly abides by the school rules, and is often seen giving out orders to students, believing defying any rules to be treason.


Nile attends the first years' entrance ceremony.[1]

Following the election for a new student council president, Nile is present for the candidates' final speeches.[2]

Nile observes the school's 104th festival activities and witnesses when Titans appear and steal all of the food stands.[3]

When Eren Jaeger tries to head to the Titans' building to retrieve his cheeseburgers, the teachers stand in his way, with Nile ordering the first years to return to their classroom. As the class stands against them, Nile warns them of their actions being a clear act of treason against the school.

Nile is outraged in the meeting

Nile later attends a meeting with other teachers to discuss the situation subsequent to Eren's successful attempt. Nile is outraged at the first years' attempt against the principal, however, Erwin argues that it would serve as a step forward.[4]