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Nile Dok (ナイル・ドーク Nairu Dōku?)[1] is a teacher at Attack Junior High School.


Nile is a fairly tall man, with very prominent cheekbones and piercing eyes. He has black hair that is somewhat unkempt, along with a slight goatee and mustache. Aside from rare occasions, Nile is usually seen wearing a white dress shirt and dark pants, along with a dark tie.


As an advanced placement teacher, Nile has more power and clout when taking part in faculty meetings. He obeys all rules given down by the principal without question and is known to give out punishments to students over even the most trivial of reasons.

Nile is known to be incredibly jealous of other teachers who are popular with the students, especially Mr. Smith. It is noted that Nile is often the target of misfortune and ridicule; as seen with the fallout of a misunderstanding with substitute teacher Frieda Riess, both Nile's and his colleagues' attempts to fix embarrassing situations can often backfire tremendously.[2]


Nile finds the idea of reprimanding Titans ridiculous

During his early years of being a faculty member of Attack Junior High School, Nile took part in a field trip with fellow instructor Erwin Smith and several first-year students. He scoffs at Erwin's attempts to please the students when several mention their lunches were stolen but is shocked when he comes across several Titan students nearby; furthermore, he notices they have stolen a sizable pile of lunches and sweets from the human students.[3] He turns around only to find Erwin right behind him, who suggests they discipline the Titan students for stealing. Nile views it as an unthinkable and futile gesture and advises against it; he is shocked when Smith takes matters in his own hands and thoroughly beats the Titans. Nile faints and when he comes to, he is surrounded by the Titans and the sweets stolen by them.

Nile gives out new rules from the school principal

After returning from the trip, he mentions Erwin's attack to the other faculty members but is met with extreme skepticism;[4] Nile then begins to come up with a plan to try to expose Smith as the attacker but is unsuccessful. Eventually, Nile becomes an advanced placement teacher and begins to personally work with the principal of the school. During a conference over the summer break, Nile informs the other teachers of new rules that the human students must follow when returning from break; when several speak in protest of this, Nile says they came directly from the principal and they can take it up with him.[1]

Soon after implementing the new rules, Nile immediately gives out several demerits to a few students including Eren for having a pencil too sharp (which could be used as a possible weapon).[5] After the students begin adhering to the new rules, Nile takes it one step further and forces all Titan club activities to take precedence over the human ones. After catching the Wall Beautification Club gathered on campus, Nile takes it upon himself to issue a one month suspension to it and all other human club activities. When Eren and the others protest and demand to know why, Nile merely scoffs at their attitudes. He does however admit that it is nothing but collateral; due to a small group being responsible for injuring the Titan students, the human students and faculty must be reminded of their place.[6] He then takes his leave while the students continue to protest.

Nile rages about Erwin's popularity

Some time later, Nile hears himself being compared to Erwin in a very negative light; this, along with the student body's general dislike of him leads Nile to go up to the roof of the school and angrily vent his frustration.[7] After hearing that Erwin has decided to take responsibility and resign, Nile is ecstatic and believes the rest of the school will finally see Erwin the same way he does; he is surprised and angered to see they still favor Erwin despite the latter admitting the rumors are true.[8] Nile becomes horrified when Eren grabs Erwin's resignation letter and tears it to shreds. Despite this, he sees Erwin have a duplicate copy in case this occurred; Nile immediately grabs it and rushes to deliver it to the principal in order to have Erwin formally fired from the school.[9]

Later in the school year, Nile learns that his wife is pregnant with their next child and is understandably excited to hear the news. Many in the school notice his happier than usual mood and new substitute teacher Frieda Reiss gifts him some flowers to mark the occasion; unfortunately, a picture of the two is taken without their knowledge and the school newspaper prints a story falsely saying they are in a secret relationship. While shocked by this, Nile is confident he will be able to resolve this misunderstanding with his wife; unfortunately, Marie believes the story and promptly kicks Nile out of the house. Efforts to rectify this with Hannes, Pixis and even Vice Principal Zackly only make things worse and causes further embarrassment for Nile; at his wits' end, Nile is told by Erwin to go to Marie and tell her directly what happened. Realizing that is what he should have done in the beginning, Nile agrees and is able to clear up the issue with his wife.[2]


  • Erwin Smith - Nile is seen to be incredibly jealous of Mr. Smith's popularity and does not understand why he remains popular despite his actions against the Titan students; whenever he is compared negatively to Smith, Nile gets visibly angered. When Smith was about to get fired from the school after admitting to be responsible for the attacks on Titan students, Nile was enthusiastic.
  • Marie Dok - It is clear that Nile loves and cares about his wife; when a false story about a fabricated affair featuring Nile and another teacher was printed in the school newspaper, Nile wasted no time in trying to explain it was a misunderstanding.