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Quote1.png Let's compare your strength with ours. I think that's a much better gauge of superiority than an age difference, don't you? Quote2.png
— Levi proposes a challenge to the underclassmen

No, I am Not Beneath You (下だなんて認めねぇ Shitada nante Mitomene~e?) is the 6th chapter of the 2nd volume and the 14th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Sasha and Jean notice that the upperclassmen have access to privileges not available to underclassmen. The class gets punished by both the Wall Beautification Club and the Survey Club, due to Jean's tardiness. After Mikasa stands up to Levi, the latter issues a challenge that will see which side can best the other in the upcoming athletic competition. The underclassmen agree, only to be shocked to hear the losing side will have to dance with the Titans at the upcoming dance.


Sasha misses the last bean bun

Sasha runs to the student store on campus, looking for a sweet bean bun but is dismayed to see they are sold out. Hange appears and holds one, claiming Sasha is too young to have it. In class, the others wonder if they are hard to come by; Sasha reveals the store is located close by the classrooms of the upperclassmen and that they always are able to buy them first; Jean chimes in that there is an unwritten rule that forbids first year students from buying buns at school. Eren notes that Jean has been skipping out on attending the "Wall Beautification Club" and that Rico has been angry because of it; Jean dismisses it by saying he cannot spend his youth dealing with that.

Mikasa confronts Levi

After school, Jean does show up and Rico confronts him about it. Jean claims to have had an illness, but Rico does not believe it. Ian, one of the other directors of the Club, calms her down. Jean makes an off hand comment about the two being paired up for the upcoming dance and Rico punishes all the club members for it. After they arrive at the Survey Club, the upperclassmen notice they are late and chastise them. They are tasked to clean up the storage room. Levi, Hange and Mike soon arrive, with Levi criticizing their cleaning so far. Mikasa proceeds to threaten Levi; despite the underclassmen being fearful about what might happen, Levi finds it amusing. He offers to pit the strength of the upperclassmen against that of the first years. As Levi and Mike leave, Hange gives them the stakes of the challenge; at the upcoming dance, the losing side will be forced to dance with the Titans.

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