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Quote1.png The minute I'm finished cleaning the school I'm going to sweep that futon clear off your head! Quote2.png
— Levi resolves to take Armin's futon

No More Blankets On Your Head (ノーモア 布団かぶるの Nōmoa Futon Kaburu no?) is the 7th and final chapter of the 3rd volume and the 23rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


As the students return to the junior high school, Levi notices that, even in the immense heat, Armin is still wearing his blanket on top of his head. He orders Armin to remove it, but the latter merely runs away. This prompts Levi to swear to remove it from Armin's head no matter what.


Armin reveals that his futon is made of mesh fabric

While during summer vacation, all the students check in at the school. They spot Levi busy cleaning and he mentions that during the summer is when the dust and dirt really build up. As he prepares them to start cleaning, he notices Armin wearing his blanket over his head and demands Armin remove it. Even after Armin insists it is fine, Levi calls him weird and goes to grab it when Eren interferes.

Armin runs away from Levi

Eren defends Armin

While aggravated by this, Levi is curious why Armin always wears it even when it is hot out and asks aloud why. After some prodding from Eren, Armin reveals the blanket around his head is a security blanket that he found comfort in after the previous year's dodge ball competition when he embarrassed himself in front of the school: ever since then, it has essentially become part of his life. Even after accepting this explanation, Levi orders Armin to take it off. Reluctantly, Armin begins to remove it but ultimately finds himself unable to and runs away; when Eren cheers Armin's decision, he gets slapped by Levi. Levi then resolves that after he finishes cleaning the school, he will track down Armin and forcibly remove the blanket from his head.

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