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Quote1.png If I don't stamp out violations and enforce discipline here, it'll be chaos. Quote2.png
— Nile to Rico

No More Lazing Around in School (ゆとり気取りはもうさせねえ Yutori Kidori wa Mōsa senē?) is the 2nd chapter of the 4th volume and the 25th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Many new rules are put into place at the start of the new semester, with a majority of them placing severe restrictions on the human students. As Eren and the others protest these changes, club activity has been affected as well with the Wall Beautification Club essentially disbanded. What could be the reason behind these sudden changes?


At a teacher's conference before the start of the second semester, the teachers are informed that there would be several changes made to the rules. When Dita Ness, one of the teachers, protests these changes, advanced placement teacher Nile Dok affirms they came directly from the principal himself and if they have issues with the rules, to take it up with him.

Mandatory uniform check line for students

As the students return to school, everyone is surprised that they must now go through a uniform check; Eren notices that while the Titan students have to go through one as well, it is much less strict. He is then called by Nile, who gives him several demerits for questioning him and reprimands Eren for supposedly having a pencil that is too sharp. The others argue the rough treatment they received from Nile as well. The Class 4 teacher arrives and confirms to his students that the changes were made over the summer by order of the principal; he does note that this was the first time such changes were made with no explanation. Eren believes that Nile has ties to the Titans and resolve to seek him out after their club activities.

Nile suspends the Wall Beautification club activities

Unfortunately, Rico reveals that the Wall Beautification Club is forbidden from using the vertical maneuvering devices. She reveals that all clubs have been forced to give concessions to Titan members, and they will be punished if they try to mount a protest. Just then, Nile arrives and notices Rico hiding a brush; despite her pleas, Nile suspends the Wall Beautification club for one month. After he chuckles at Rico's protests, Eren retorts what the principal wants by punishing all the human students. Nile notes that while all the students are collateral damage, it is in response to several Titan students getting supposedly injured by a rogue group on campus.

Despite Eren's plea they should negotiate with the principal, Rico closes down the club. Just then, the club advisor Mr. Hannes arrives and wonders why Rico is crying.

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