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No matter where you are is the character image song of Mikasa Ackermann, and is sung by her voice actress Yui Ishikawa. It is an arrangement of the song Call your name.


その瞬間 あなた見つけた
あの日 怖い夢から
逃がしてくれた ぬくもり

ずっと 追いかけている
その背中を まるで祈るよう
どうして 生き急ぐの

どうか 行かないで
そばにいても 怯えている
Ah 消えないで
私にとって 帰るべき場所
No matter where you are

私が今 息繋ぐ訳は
存在 たったひとつ

瞳の闇に刺す 一筋の光は
傷ついたあなたの 鼓動感じ得た時

どうか 行かないで
またひとりに 戻さないで
Ah 消えないで
あなただけが 帰るべき場所
No matter where you are

Nidome ni me sameta
sono shunkan anata mitsuketa
ano hi kowai yume kara
nigashite kureta nukumori

Zutto oikaketeiru
sono senaka wo marude inoru you
furimuki mo sezu
doushite iki isogu no

Douka ikanaide
soba ni itemo obieteiru
Ah kienaide
watashi ni totte kaeru beki basho
No matter where you are

Konna sekai no naka de
watashi ga ima iki tsunagu wake wa
mamoritai hito no
sonzai tatta hitotsu

Hitomi no yami ni sasu hitosuji no hikari wa
kizutsuita anata no kodou kanjieta toki

Douka ikanaide
mata hitori ni modosanaide
Ah kienaide
anata dake ga kaeru beki basho
No matter where you are

    When I woke up again,
    At that moment… I found you,
    The nightmare of that day,
    You rescued me from it… gave me warmth

    I have been chasing,
    Right behind his back
    Like I’m praying for it
    Don’t ever look back,
    Why are you leaving in such a hurry?

    Please don’t go
    Even though I’m always beside your side,
    I still cannot overcome my fear
    Please, don’t disappear, from me
    You are my home to return to
    No matter where you are

    In a world like this,
    The reason I’m still alive… is because of the people I want to protect
    It’s only this reason I choose to stay alive

    A dazzling light,
    A light that came into the darkness
    When I was covered with wounds,
    At that time… it gave me encouragement

    Please don’t go
    Don’t leave me alone again
    It’s much colder this time

    Please don’t go,
    For me.
    You are my home to return to,
    No matter where you are.


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