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Odiha (オディハ Odiha?)[1] was a Marleyan city located on the continental mainland's southern border.


War for Paradis arc

Kiyomi suggests to the alliance to go to Odiha

Shortly after Eren Yeager leads the Wall Titans in the Rumbling of the Marleyan mainland, Kiyomi Azumabito proposes traveling from Paradis Island by ship to Odiha. Taking advantage of a Hizuru-owned hangar in the city, they plan to have the Azumabito engineers to prepare the flying boat while in Odiha without the Yeagerists' hindrance. However, there is a risk that the Rumbling would reach them in the time it takes to prepare the flying boat.[2]

Hizuru's flying boat escapes Odiha's destruction

Upon arriving in Odiha, the Azumabito and the allied soldiers find the city completely emptied of residents and ships. Hange Zoë assumes all the city's inhabitants have fled to the south upon hearing news of the Rumbling.[3] Shortly after preparing the flying boat for transport, the Wall Titans arrive north of the city. In order to buy time for the flying boat's fuel tank to be repaired, Hange strikes at the Titans nearest to the hangar bay, burning to death in the process. While the allies escape by ship and flying boat, the Titans continue their advance, trampling Odiha to dust.[4]


  • If mirrored vertically, the continent controlled by Marley and the island of Odiha are very similar to the real-life continent of Africa and the island of Socotra, respectively.