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| Birthplace =
| Birthplace =
| Residence =
| Residence =
| Status = Unknown
| Status = Alive
| Occupation = Ambassador
| Occupation = Ambassador
| Rank =
| Rank =

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Ogweno (オグウェノ Oguweno?) is an ambassador from a foreign land and a friend of Willy Tybur. He serves as one of several ambassadors for his nation during the Liberio festival following the Marley Mid-East War.


Ogweno is an old, clean-shaven gentleman with close-cut hair and dark brown skin. As ambassador, he dresses in a quality tuxedo and bow-tie.


Ogweno appears to be a jolly and passionate man, happily greeting his old friend Willy Tybur with a smile and open arms on the eve of the Liberio festival.


Marley arc

On the eve of the festival in the Liberio internment zone, Ogweno and Nambia attend a gathering of world ambassadors. They joyfully greet Willy Tybur, an old friend, during the festivities. Ogweno joyously applauds Willy before his speech, calling him "the Savior's Descendant".[1]

Ogweno sits near the front of the crowd on the day of Willy's production. He learns a more accurate depiction of history. This history discredits the Tybur family,[2] but he seems to hold no ill-will about the matter, tearing up at Willy's bravery in telling the truth. Ogweno remains emotional when Willy laments his Eldian blood, and requests the world unite in the effort against Paradis. When Willy Tybur declares war, Eren Yeager bursts through the building behind the stage, which he crushes. This attack eviscerates Willy, and sends debris into the crowd Ogweno stands in.[3]




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