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Ogweno (オグウエノ Ogueno?) is an ambassador from a foreign land and a friend of Willy Tybur. He serves as one of several ambassadors for his nation during the Liberio festival following the Marley Mid-East War.


Ogweno is an old, clean-shaven gentleman with close-cut hair and dark brown skin. As ambassador, he dresses in a quality tuxedo and bow-tie.


Ogweno appears to be a jolly and passionate man, happily greeting his old friend Willy Tybur with a smile and open arms on the eve of the Liberio festival.


Marley arc

On the eve of the festival in the Liberio internment zone, Ogweno and Nambia attend a gathering of world ambassadors. They joyfully greet Willy Tybur, an old friend, during the festivities. Ogweno joyously applauds Willy before his speech, calling him "the Savior's Descendant".[1]



  • Ogweno is the first male character seen in the Attack on Titan Manga series to have dark skin, similar to that of the African-American race.


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