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Quote1 Without spilling any blood, we will overthrow the government. And in front of the people, we'll reveal that the system as they know it has all been a lie. Quote2
— Erwin to Pyxis

Old Story (昔話 Mukashibanashi?) is the 3rd episode of the 3rd season and the 40th episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Historia recounts the circumstances of how she grew up on a farm as an unwanted child with a distant mother. She saw her father, Rod Reiss, for the first time when he came to see her after Wall Maria fell, but men in black coats intervened before he could take her away. They killed Historia's mother to eliminate her connection to Rod, but Rod had Historia spared under the condition that she live a quiet life far away under the name Christa Lenz. In the present day, Rod apologizes for that and informs Historia that she has royal blood and is the only person who can save humanity.

Meanwhile, Erwin meets Pyxis and discusses the overthrow of the government. When Hange arrives, she informs Erwin about Historia's royal lineage, and he tells Pyxis his plan to expose the puppet government and install Historia has the new queen. As dawn breaks, Erwin is called outside by the First Interior Squad to account for the murder of Dimo Reeves. He names Hange as his successor before he leaves and shortly thereafter, he and the Scout Regiment are placed under arrest.


Currently Publicly Available Information


Intelligent Titans (with power to transform)

An Intelligent Titan is conceived when a Pure Titan lacking intelligence consumes some other Intelligent Titan. By consuming an Intelligent Titan, it gains consciousness as well as the consumed Titan's powers.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Historia Reiss (flashback)
  2. Conny Springer (flashback)
  3. Sasha Braus (flashback)
  4. Jean Kirschtein (flashback)
  5. Levi Ackermann (flashback)
  6. Eren Jaeger (flashback)
  7. Mikasa Ackermann (flashback)
  8. Armin Arlelt (flashback)
  9. Alma (killed in a flashback)
  10. Rod Reiss (flashback)
  11. Kenny Ackermann (flashback)
  12. Ralph
  13. Hange Zoë
  14. Moblit Berner
  15. Djel Sannes
  16. Bertholdt Hoover (flashback)
  17. Ymir (flashback)
  18. Reiner Braun/Armored Titan (flashback)
  19. Erwin Smith
  20. Dot Pyxis
  21. Dimo Reeves (corpse)
  22. Flegel Reeves
  23. Caven
  24. Mr. Smith (killed in a flashback)
  25. Deletov (flashback)
  26. Gerald (flashback)
  27. Aurille (flashback)


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