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Oliver (オリヴァー Orivā?) was a former soldier of the Survey Corps who defected to join a group of rebels under Eren Yeager.


Oliver was a man of average height with short brown hair that he kept styled in an undercut. He had a thin beard.


War for Paradis arc

Oliver accompanies Floch to retrieve Zeke from Levi Ackerman and the soldiers guarding him. En route to their location, Floch hears a sound resembling thunder near the edge of the forest.[1] They go to investigate and find a completely destroyed wagon, along with an injured Levi lying on the bank of a river. Hange flees with Levi's body and Oliver is one of the soldiers who chase after the two.[2] Oliver's throat is slit by Hange while he is looking for them.[3]

People killed

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