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Oluo Bozado (オルオ・ボザド Oruo Bozado?) is a second year student at Attack Junior High School.


Oluo has light, curly hair and his eyes usually appear to be squinted or even closed. He also has some slight wrinkles under his eyes. Oluo usually wears a white button up shirt and dark dress pants.


Oluo acting overly dramatic

As an upperclassman, Oluo flouts his superiority in the faces of the first year students who try to join them in the Survey Club. Oluo can be seen as a perfectionist and overachiever; he always strives to be the best and can act overly dramatic when he (in his mind) fails to live up to his own lofty expectations. He also strives for attention often and can get upset with his peers when he is ignored.


Oluo is first seen participating in a meeting of the Survey Club. When a group of first year students try to enter the classroom, Oluo stops them at the door. He refuses them entry, citing the club's secrecy and that students and the school officials do not (or should not) even know about it. One of the students, Eren, slams the door on Oluo, causing the latter to bite his tongue and fall backwards.[1] His fellow upperclassmen mock Oluo, causing him to get upset; he tries placing the blame on Eren for not calling the club in advance before arriving. He later observes Hange, Levi and Mike accept the underclassmen as members of the Survey Club.[2]

Oluo gets slapped for presumably bragging about his test score

As the 2nd year students receive their tests back, Oluo bemoans the fact he did not score as well on this test compared to others in the past.[3] Looking for attention, he spots Petra ignoring him; this causes Oluo to blurt out that she should at least act interested. He mentions it is causing him anxiety and mentions that no one understands the loneliness associated with being an overachiever.[4] Petra and the others offer to compare tests to try to make Oluo feel better; they are shocked that Oluo's score was in the mid 90s, far above any of theirs. Oluo tries to explain it but Petra believes he merely wanted to brag about his score, slapping Oluo in the face.[5]