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One Arrow (一矢 Isshi?) is the 2nd chapter of the 1st volume and the 2nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga, written by Gun Snark and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga.


Blackmailed into the Survey Corps by Erwin Smith, Levi, Furlan Church and Isabel Magnolia are on their way to being formally inducted into the Corps.

Months prior, Erwin discusses with Commander Keith Shadis how to deal with anti-expedition factions hindering the Corps.

Finally, Levi remembers events of his life leading up to his group's capture by the Corps.


After Levi agrees to join the Survey Corps, Furlan and Isabel, who chose to follow their leader into the military, ride with Levi in a carriage through the paved roads of Wall Sheena. Isabel is taken in awe of the bright sun and the well-dressed citizens. The group is on their way to the Survey Corps headquarters where they will be formally inducted into the military.

Erwin's plan is refused

Erwin's plan is rejected

Months prior, at the military headquarters, Keith Shadis and Erwin are meeting with Supreme Commander, Darius Zackly Keith argues that the new "Long-Distance Scouting Formation" Erwin drew up will significantly decrease casualties on expeditions, and while Zackly is impressed, he states it is pointless as the Survey Corps is no longer receiving enough funding. According to Zackly, Nicholas Lovof's anti-Expedition factions has made a strong appeal to nobles, and as a result, funds for Survey expeditions have been cut off. Shadis refuses to accept this outcome, citing all the sacrifices that would be made meaningless, but Zackly states he should give up, and that in five days, the final decision will be made.

Erwin's request

Erwin speaks of the thug trio to Zackly

Riding in a carriage with Shadis, Erwin muses that the man they are dealing with is indeed Nicholas Lovof. Erwin reveals to know that Lovof intends to divert the funds that would have gone to the Survey Corps to a company that provides the military with supplies. Erwin believes Zackly is aware of this corrupt deal but may be incapable of stepping in for some reason. Shadis is surprised by this development but simply states that he lacks the political skills to do anything. At this, Erwin insists that his commander leave everything to him, confident that he can make Lovof change his mind. Shadis is worried that Erwin will do something illegal, but Erwin states for the future of humanity, he will do whatever is necessary.

Five days later, the final decision is made and Zackly informs Shadis that Lovof has reconsidered and will allow the Survey Corps to receive funding once again. Shadis is shocked, but Zackly reminds him that popular opinion of the Survey Corps is still very low, and to make sure the next expedition is a success. With that matter handled, Erwin brings up his plan to recruit a particular individual of exceptional skill from the underground...

Back in the present, Levi's group arrives at the Survey Corps headquarters. Furlan reminds Levi of their true mission, but Levi states the only reason he is joining the military is to kill Erwin. Furlan tries to talk Levi out of it, stressing that they still need Erwin alive for their deal to work. Furlan begs Levi to have faith in this plan.

Sometime in the past, at their old underground hideout, Furlan and Levi discussed how to address a certain plot that involved joining the Survey Corps. At that moment, Isabel entered the room, bruised and bloody, with one of her pigtails cut off. Furlan asked what happened, suspecting that she tried to meet again with people from the underground, but Isabel insisted she simply fell down. Levi noticed her missing hair, but Isabel yelled that it will grow back and stormed into her room, cursing in tears. Furlan stated it was unexpected, as the underground is filled with rotten people. Later that night, Levi returned back to the hideout carrying a bloody knife. Furlan asks what he had done, but Levi remains silent.

Star gazing

The trio gaze at the starry sky

Back in the present, night has fallen and Levi gazes at the starry sky alone from the roof of the headquarters. Isabel and Furlan soon join him, mentioning that Levi had wandered off on his own. Handing him a drink, Levi notes that it is been a while since he last looked up at the night sky. Enjoying the moment, Levi tells Furlan that he has decided to set aside his revenge on Erwin for the time being and will trust his plan.

The next day, Levi, Furlan, and Isabel are officially presented by Commander Shadis as new members of the Survey Corps.

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