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This article is about the 46th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime chapter, see Opening (Episode).

Quote1.png Hey! So who's our real enemy?! Quote2.png
— Eren demands answers from Ymir

Opening (開口 Kaikō?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 11th volume and the 46th overall chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Eren, Ymir, Reiner, and Bertolt are seen together within a Titan Forest. Eren has had both his arms cut off and as they re-grow he fumes with rage, trying to figure out why Reiner and Bertolt did what they did to humanity. As he is about to attempt to shift, Ymir stops him and tells him that it is useless as they are in deep Titan territory, surrounded by abnormal Titans, and trying to escape would lead to their deaths. Ymir then asks Reiner if the Titans around them can move during the night to which Reiner replies that they cannot, along with an implication that Ymir is also aware of why this could happen. The four then begin to discuss the giant "ape," the Beast Titan, and its importance in Reiner and Bertolt's task to get to their hometown. Eren, who has had enough, begins to yell and scream at the traitors and calls them "murderers." Reiner begins to get emotional. Ymir then asks Reiner which side he is on. Reiner ignores the question and continues to speak about being a Warrior and not a Soldier. Reiner then tries to convince Ymir to join their side by using Historia to persuade her.


Eren finally wakes up and he finds himself at top of some tree branches with Ymir beside him, in front of Reiner and Bertolt. Eren sees in horror that he has lost both his arms, but Ymir notes that she also has lost her right arm and leg and that they are in the same situation. Reiner blames himself for cutting Eren's arms, saying that he did not have time to be careful. Eren understands that he had lost the fight and looks at Reiner with a furious glare.

Eren finds his arms missing

Eren tries to shift but Ymir stops him, saying that they are in a Titan Forest, which is Titan territory, and that there is a bunch of abnormal Titans relaxing and looking at them. She also states that Reiner and Bertolt are the only ones that have the vertical maneuvering equipment, with Reiner using Eren's equipment, and that surviving in Titan territory is hard even with the Titan powers. Reiner also says that even if Eren tried to shift, he would not be able to do it because his powers now are focused on healing his arms. Eren insults him but Ymir asks Reiner about what they were going to tell them when they were awakened. Reiner says that he and Bertolt are going to take them to their hometown after nightfall. Ymir asks why they are not going to the hometown now, but Reiner does not answer the question.

Eren analyzes the situation but does not find a good plan. After Ymir asks Reiner about night walking Titans, Eren thinks that Ymir knows something about the situation. He vows to get information from them and to escape from the forest. Ymir asks them for something to drink but Reiner states that that is impossible and that they have not eaten nor sleeping since yesterday. Reiner then thinks about a promotion, which surprises Bertolt. He continues to talk about himself as a soldier, talking about Wall Rose's safety. This makes Eren incredibly angry because Reiner is acting like nothing happened. After this, Ymir notes that something is wrong with Bertolt. He then tells Reiner that they are not soldiers, they are Warriors. Reiner then sits down and starts thinking while he looks like very depressed.

Reiner tells Ymir to shut up

Ymir then understands that Reiner started behaving as a soldier in order to shield himself of his past actions. Ymir continues to talk about him but he orders her to shut up. Eren then becomes more angry and surprised than before: he starts to remember the day when he told Bertolt that one of the rocks launched by the Colossus Titan trapped his mother inside their house and lead to a Titan eating her. Eren asks what he thought, while Bertolt only said that he felt sorry for Eren. This statement makes Eren realize that they are neither soldiers nor Warriors, they are mass murderers. Reiner then answers him saying that he already knows that and also that the Reiner he knew is dead and for that he can cry and scream if it makes him feel better. Eren finally vows to give them the most painful death that he can.

Ymir remembers how Reiner and Bertolt looked when they saw the Beast Titan

Ymir says that she will not follow Eren's method and instead asks Reiner about the "ape." She noted that back at Utgard Castle, they were looking at it like excited children. She suspects that they are trying to find it before returning to their hometown. Eren asks Ymir about who the enemy is, surprised by her recent knowledge, but when she is about to tell him, Reiner asks her if this world has a future. He suggests that she should go with them. This surprises her because he does not trust them and they do not trust her, but Reiner says that he trusts her because he wants to protect Historia. This catches Ymir's attention, as Reiner says that Historia can be saved if Ymir goes with them. Eren ask her once more about the enemies, to which she only replies, "Who knows...?".

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Eren Yeager
  2. Bertolt Hoover
  3. Reiner Braun
  4. Ymir
  5. Hange Zoë (flashback)
  6. Armin Arlert (flashback)
  7. Smiling Titan (flashback)
  8. Carla Yeager (flashback, corpse)
  9. Hannes (flashback)
  10. Beast Titan (flashback)
  11. Historia Reiss (flashback)