Quote1.png Calling it a "recovery operation" gave it a nice ring, but it was essentially a way to dispose of the unemployed masses that the government couldn't support! Quote2.png
— Dot Pyxis reveals the truth of the operation four years afterward[1]

The operation to retake Wall Maria (ウォール・マリア奪還作戦 Wōru Maria Dakkan Sakusen?) was a mission assigned by the royal government in which twenty percent of the human population that remained after the fall of Wall Maria were sent out to reclaim land. In truth, the operation was carried out in order to alleviate the food shortage brought on by the significant loss of territory and influx of refugees from Wall Maria. A tremendous number of people died during the operation at the hands of the Titans, as its secret goal had always been.[2]


After the fall of Wall Maria, humankind lost more than one third of its territory.[3] As a consequence, many refugees came to Wall Rose and soon food was lacking.[2]

The operation

Civilians ready for the operation

In an attempt to reduce the severity of the food shortage riddling Wall Rose, the royal government sent out 250,000 soldiers and civilians from Wall Maria back out to reclaim the lost lands from the Titans.[2]


The devastating results of the operation

In the aftermath of the operation, of the 250,000 soldiers and civilians sent to reclaim Wall Maria, less than 200 made it back alive. This resulted in the loss of a fifth of the total population of the Walls, but in turn, alleviated the food shortage that followed after the Fall of Wall Maria.[2]

It is later confirmed by Dot Pyxis during the Battle of Trost that the operation to reclaim Wall Maria was nothing more than a ploy by the royal government to cut the population in order to alleviate the food shortage crisis of Wall Rose.[1]



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