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The Order of the Walls (ウォール教 Wōrukyō?)[1] is a religious organization that considers the Walls to be sacred, with a lot of religious and political power within them. Some of the church's members possess knowledge about the Walls that is hidden from the public.


This church worships the Walls over everything else, believing them to be sacred and untouchable. They worship Wall Maria, Rose, and Sina, and believe that it is their responsibility to protect the Walls from any “impurities”, such as humans, rails, or Wall-mounted artillery.[2] They have been shown to be unknowingly loyal, to the point where they would sacrifice their own lives if it meant the protection of the church's secrets.[3] In addition, the followers believe the Walls were a gift from God bestowed upon mankind in order to defend them from the Titans.[4]


Among those in the Order of the Walls, there are a variety of different people from different places. There are also pastors who represent the Order of the Walls. An unknown number of pastors is involved in deep secrets regarding the Walls, which also includes information regarding the Wall Titans and possibly even the mystery of the Titans. The most notable member of the church is Pastor Nick, who is eventually murdered by the Interior Police, after seemingly revealing some of its secrets.[5]


The Order of the Walls is directly involved with the royal government, as seen when one of its members attends a meeting with the fake King.[6] Traitors are treated without any mercy. When Nick decided to help the Scouts,[7] the First Interior Squad of the Military Police Regiment was sent after him, which caused him to be tortured and murdered.[5]


  • The Order of the Walls have a song in Linked Horizon's Shingeki no Kiseki album, Kami no Miwaza (The Work of the Divine).