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The Orvud District (オルブド区 Orubudo-ku?) is the northern district of Wall Sina.


Royal Government arc

After Rod Reiss turns himself into an enormous Titan, he slowly makes his way towards the Orvud District. Under Erwin Smith's orders the military is not to evacuate the citizens.[1] He and Hange explain that if the residents of the District were to retreat further into Wall Sina, Rod Reiss's abnormal Titan would be drawn to the high population density in Mitras. Erwin acknowledges, however, that steps must be taken to protect the residents of the district. Therefore, the Garrison agree to have the citizens participate in an emergency evacuation "drill" so the populace will be ready to leave at a moments notice, a plan they put into effect at dawn.

Rod's Titan looms over the Orvud District

Coming into range, the Garrison under Carsten launch consecutive cannon barrages against the Titan. Despite the massive attack, the Titan continues advancing towards the District. The frightened people inside the District can only watch as the gargantuan Titan manages to climb the Wall, looming over it. Three children in the city remind Eren of the time when he, Armin, and Mikasa had to watch as Shiganshina District was destroyed by the Colossal Titan. However, the Scout Regiment put into effect a plan to use gunpowder to blow Rod's hands and then head to expose his Titan's nape. The plan succeeds and Rod is killed when his nape is slashed by Historia Reiss. After that she falls onto a wagon beneath the Wall, where she finds Orvud's citizens crowding around her. They recognize her as the person who killed the Titan, and she announces herself as the true ruler of the Walls.[2]


  • There seem to be some inconsistencies in Orvud District's architecture. In episode 45, Orvud looked like a Wall Sina district and a city mainly inhabited by high-class citizens, but in episode 46, the city looked more like a district from Wall Rose or Wall Maria.
  • "Orvud" is an Estonian word which means "orphans."
  • According to Erwin Smith, the Garrison of this district are less effective than the Garrison of Wall Rose, because they are not used to fighting Titans.[2]
  • At the strategy meeting before facing Rod Reiss's Titan, the Garrison Regiment reports the Titan is approaching from the southwest.[1] However, given the diagram of Orvud's location compared to the Titan and Mitras, this would only be possible if Orvud was in the south section of Wall Sina, where Ehrmich District is located.[2]