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"Our Man" ( Kare?, lit. "Him") was the main protagonist of Attack on Titan 2. After losing his family during the Fall of Wall Maria, he chose to join the military and eventually became a member of the Scout Regiment.


This character's appearance was determinant depending on which gender the player chooses.


This character's personality varied depending on the responses the player gives other characters.


This character grew up in Shiganshina District with two unnamed parents. During the Fall of Wall Maria, his parents were killed by the Armored Titan.


Chapter 1

"Our man" makes it through the three hard years of training. On the evening of the ceremony, he waits with his fellow cadets to hear the rank they each have been awarded.

Chapter 2

"Our man", being party to relevant knowledge, is present in the courtroom. The Military Police want Eren executed, while the Scout Regiment want to use his powers to their advantage. "Our man" leans to the more conservative suggestion put forward by the Military Police at first but Eren's outburst sheds a different light on things.

Chapter 3

"Our man", now an official member of the Scout Regiment, is to be part of the 57th expedition. However, being a new recruit he had no idea there was a hidden agenda to the mission.

Chapter 4

Having performed well in the capture of the Female Titan, "Our man" is ordered by Erwin to go as a lone rider to deliver news of the operation's success to Miche.

Chapter 5

"Our man" survives the events of Utgard Castle, fleeing with the others to the safety of the wall. However, delighted as he is to be reunited with his friends, celebrations are cut short when Reiner and Bertholdt reveal themselves to be the Armored and Colossal Titans.


While the man defends the walls against the Titan invasion led by the Beast Titan to recover Annie, he joins Mikasa and Eren in the fight against the Armored Titan. Once Eren defeats Reiner, Armin has to restrain the man from killing the Armored Titan, much to the latter's frustration.

After recovering Annie, a horde of Titans begins chasing after the recovery team, the crystallized Annie weighing them down. Knowing that it is the only way, the man leaves his journal next to Eren and abandons the group to make a last stand against the Titans to buy his friends time to retreat. He initially holds his own, but his ODM Gear is eventually rendered inoperative after a Titan swats him out of the air, leaving him stranded in the middle of the horde.


Eren Jaeger - The hero first encountered Eren on a boat after the Shiganshina incident and was inspired by his speech to kill the Armored Titan.


  • Although players can choose the character's gender at the start of the game, in-game dialogue suggests that the character is male.
  • Although the character dies at the end of the story, the player can still play as him afterwards.
  • During training with Miche, Gelgar, and Nanaba, it is discovered that the character has enhanced hearing, just as how Miche has an enhanced sense of smell.
  • In a recent update to the game (not including the DLC) the dialogue changed making Our Man's gender ambiguous and is now being referred to as "Our friend" and the characters now refer to the character as either "they" or "our friend"
  • Although he/she likely dies in the epilogue, a post credit's scene suggests that Our man may have survived the events despite being surrounded by a Titans with nonfunctional omni-directional mobility gear.
    • With Attack on Titan 2:Final Battle being released in July, it is unlikely that Our man will be featured in the events of this game

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