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The Panzer Unit (パンツァー隊 Pantsā-tai?) was a unit of the Marleyan military which operated the artillery attached to the Cart Titan.[1] They served in the Marley Mid-East War and the Raid on Liberio, the latter of which was where every member except for Pieck was killed.[2]


Marley arc

Pieck's Cart Titan and the Panzer Unit are present at the battle of Fort Slava during the climax of the Marley Mid-East War.[1]

During the Scout Regiment's attack on Liberio, Pieck orders the Panzer Unit to prepare the Cart Titan's machine guns and uses them to fend off the attackers.[3] The machine gun proves effective against the Scouts' omni-directional mobility gear maneuvers and the crew is able to save the Jaw Titan from being finished off. However, when the Beast Titan is suddenly brought down by Levi Ackermann, the Panzer Unit is caught off-guard by a wave of soldiers overhead. In the chaos, Sasha Braus carefully snipes Carlo in the forehead from across the rooftop, distracting the others of the Panzer Unit shortly before the rest are annihilated by a barrage of Thunder Spears.


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