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Part-Time Job? No Prob at Attack Junior High (バイト? 進撃中ではOK Baito? Shingeki-chūde wa OK?) is the 2nd chapter of the 8th volume and the 54th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Sasha gets a part time job at a convenience store to help with paying the food bill for herself and her father; she is taken back when she learns several of her classmates are working at the same store. With each one looking to become the best store employee, who will emerge as the victor?


Sasha's job interview

Due to her father not being able to earn enough money to keep her fed, Sasha gets a part time job at a convenience store located near school. On her first day, she is surprised to see that Connie works at the same store, having been hired several days before her. Connie mentions how he is hoping to earn the recognition of being the best part-time employee at the store; this brings both Hange and Flegel out to say that they each are looking to earn that title and had started working before either Connie or Sasha. While the three former youths begin arguing over who is going to be promoted, they soon realize none of them know how to work the front register.

Flegel eats all of the donuts

One week later, the store manager notices how well Sasha has been working since starting the job. He also gives praise to her for being the only part time worker he trusts to operate the register; much to everyone's surprise and shock, the manager promotes Sasha as the best part-time employee. This sets off a chain reaction that prompts Flegel and Hange to prove why they should instead be given the position and Connie decides to merely leave; while this goes on, Sasha continues to work the register.

Hange discounts the products

Sasha motivates her co-workers

Mr. Ral praises Sasha

Soon, Connie comes back with several farm and agriculture items that aren't even allowed to be sold at the store. Pushed to the breaking point, Sasha decides to use her hunting background and momentarily leaves, returning with her hunting bow and several arrows. She is able to threaten and whip them with the arrows to start actually working. While her boss applauds Sasha for getting them to do their jobs, the bow and arrows fall to the floor and catch his attention; Sasha silently picks them back up while meekly smiling to the manager.

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