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Quote1.png I don't trust Marley. I pray that Eldians will be freed. But I do trust those who've fought beside me! Quote2.png
— Pieck declares her loyalties to Gabi Braun[5]

Pieck Finger (ピーク・フィンガー Pīku Fingā?)[6] is an Eldian who serves as one of Marley's Warriors and is the current inheritor of the Cart Titan.


Human form

Pieck is a short young woman with long, disheveled black hair and relaxed eyes. She wears a white blouse, a long trench coat, and skirt which goes down to her ankles as well as black lace-up boots. She also wears the Eldian armband on her left arm, as required of all Eldians under the authority of Marley. Since the end of the Marley Mid-East War, Pieck has been walking with a crutch, having lost some grasp on the ability to walk upright after spending two months in her Cart Titan body without interruption, which she claims is typical for her.[7] However, she can be seen walking on all fours when there are few people around, as she claims it "feels more natural."[8]

In her younger years, Pieck wore her hair in a ponytail.[9][10]

Titan form

In her Titan form, Pieck is 4 m tall while on all fours[3] and walks on all four limbs in a quadrupedal fashion. Her torso is long and flat, allowing for materials to be easily packed onto her back. Her face is elongated, bearing full lips and a large nose with a tiny forehead and a large mouth. It has short, dark hair and has no distinct female features, and its long face allows for custom armor, jaws, and war mechanisms to be crafted and strapped to it; this is standard wear for the Cart Titan when it is in action.


Pieck walks on all fours even while human

Pieck is shown to be somewhat sweet and kind, consistently shown to care about her fellow Warriors and the Warrior candidates. She is incredibly intelligent, able to quickly deduce a situation. When the Warriors were discussing the prospect of using the Tybur family to assist in their operations, Pieck was able to quickly figure things out, and Zeke Yeager implies this happens quite often.[11] However, Pieck is usually shown to be quite eccentric and easy going. During the train ride to Liberio, Pieck gladly gave Colt Grice a drink when he asked for one, which led to him getting drunk and leading the other Eldian soldiers in a chant in favor of Gabi Braun.[12] As a result of constantly being in her Titan form, Pieck has shown the habit of walking on all fours when few people are around, stating that it feels more natural and even curling up on a sofa like a cat; she is still capable of walking upright, although she occasionally requires a crutch to do so.[13]

Like the other Warriors, Pieck is shown to support Marley. While not outright stated, it is implied that initially, she detested those living on Paradis Island due to the false history she was raised with and the indoctrination she underwent as a candidate. During the battle with the Survey Corps, while she mostly remained with Zeke throughout the battle, she acted as his steed after he was retrieved from his Beast Titan form, and was willing to kill Hange Zoë and Levi Ackerman for trying to have Reiner and Zeke killed. During the battle at Fort Slava, Pieck acted similar to a tank, attacking the bunkers of the Allied forces while men firing machine gun turrets on her back shot at the soldiers. In spite of her support of Marley, she has secretly shown to not have a lot of faith in her superiors and their plans; an example was when she sarcastically remarked that sending four children on a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan was a brilliant idea. Pieck ultimately harbors a desire to free the Eldians as well, wishing to have them released from the persecution they face every day. She is also very concerned about the future of the Eldian race as a whole, due to recognizing that the world wants them gone and fears that they will not be of use anymore with the growing increase of technological advancements.


Pieck sat with her ill father

Pieck grew up in the Liberio Internment Zone and lost her mother early on in childhood; seeing that her father had gotten sick and would not survive long without proper medical care, Pieck joined the Warrior program as soon as she was eligible. After performing well enough to be selected to inherit one of the Marleyan Titans, Pieck was able to secure her father the treatment he needed. Despite this, Pieck recognized that her father now had a sadness in his eyes after learning that she would only live thirteen more years due to the Curse of Ymir. Wanting to show her father that Eldia had a bright future ahead, she decided to try any way possible to free the Eldians in Liberio and Marley before the end of her thirteen years.[14]

After Pieck inherited the powers of the Cart Titan, she was kept in Marley along with Zeke as a deterrent to enemy nations while the other Warriors (Reiner, Annie, Bertolt, and Marcel) are sent to take part in the Paradis Island Operation in the year 845.


Clash of the Titans arc

Five years into the mission to reclaim the Founding Titan, Pieck journeys to Paradis Island with Zeke and a contingent of Marleyan soldiers, using her Cart Titan to carry supplies for them. She is present as Zeke and the soldiers transform the inhabitants of a small village into Titans.[15]

Return to Shiganshina arc

After Zeke and his army appear, Pieck is seen walking among them, acting as a mule by carrying crates and barrels strapped to her back.[1] When Erwin Smith notices this, he theorizes that Pieck has intelligence and acted as a scout to warn the Warriors of the Survey Corps' oncoming approach.[16]

Pieck snatches Zeke

Erwin's theory was correct. Pieck had been watching the Survey Corps' movement toward Shiganshina District. As Zeke was conversing with Reiner and Bertolt Hoover, the Titan spoke, warning them of the Survey Corps' imminent arrival.[17] After the battle with the Survey Corps begins, Pieck assists Zeke by supplying him with rocks to crush and throw at the soldiers.[18]

After Zeke slaughters most of the Survey Corps in their final charge, Levi Ackerman brutally rips apart Zeke's Titan and removes him from the nape, preparing to feed Zeke to any surviving Survey Corps member he could inject with the Titan serum. Pieck surprises Levi when she charges at him and Zeke from behind and steals Zeke in her mouth, barely giving Levi room to escape. Pieck then flees with Zeke, and the remaining Titans are ordered to kill Levi by the war chief. The two are then pursued by a determined Levi as he begins to take down the Titans and vows to keep his promise to Erwin.[19]

Pieck attacks Hange

Pieck appears inside Shiganshina with Zeke on her back. She quickly makes her way over to Eren Yeager who is sitting on a rooftop holding Bertolt captive. She stops and stands by as Zeke and Eren speak. During this time, Zeke reveals that he knows Eren's father, Grisha Yeager. Before he can go into detail, Levi appears atop the Wall and jumps down to pursue them. Pieck then sprints away at Zeke's command.[20] After Reiner had been located, Pieck appears out of nowhere and lunges at Hange Zoë, attempting to crush her in its jaws; however, Jean Kirstein is able to tackle her out of the way in time. Hange quickly gets to her feet, blade ready, but is shocked when she sees Pieck holding her hostage, Reiner, in her mouth. Pieck then makes off with him and is pursued by Connie Springer, who is then ordered to stop by Hange as she believes he will just have the tables turned on him.[21] As Levi, Eren, and Mikasa Ackerman debate over who will be given the Titan injection and devour the now-defeated Bertolt, Erwin or Armin Arlert, Pieck climbs and reaches atop Wall Maria with Zeke and Reiner, looking on.[22]

Marley arc

Pieck's Titan during the battle of Fort Slava

After returning to Marley, Pieck is among those that send off the initial survey ships sent to Paradis Island. Four years later, Pieck is present at the battle of Fort Slava at the climax of the war between Marley and the Mid-East Allied Forces. While Colt suggests that she should engage in combat with the fort's defenses, Commander Magath denied the suggestion due to the presence of anti-Titan artillery which could kill any Titan with a single 100mm round.[23] Once the artillery is destroyed, Pieck enters the battlefield with her Cart Titan fully armored and equipped with four manned machine guns and begins to assault the bunkers of the Mid-East Allied Forces alongside Galliard's Jaw Titan.[24]

After the battle, Pieck joins Galliard and Reiner, recovering from his injuries received in the battle. As a result of spending two consecutive months in her Titan form, Pieck has been forced to walk with a crutch. While Reiner leaves, Pieck stays behind to rest by Galliard. She tells Reiner to go find the Warrior candidates.[25] She later joins the rest of the Marleyan military on the train returning to their hometown, seated among the other Warriors.[26] When the train reaches the station, Pieck gets off the train and walks with the rest of the Warriors towards Liberio. When inside, she is happily greeted by her father.[27]

Pieck makes clever perceptions at the Warrior meeting

Pieck is later seen at the Warrior headquarters, spotted by Galliard walking on all fours like her Titan, as she believes it to be more natural. Galliard, irritated, tells her to walk on two feet like a normal human.[28] Throughout the meeting between the Warriors, Pieck is observed sitting on a couch and furthers Zeke's argument that the Tybur family is necessary to help the Warriors regain the Founding Titan.[29]

Pieck later attends a military meeting discussing the logistics of an assault on Paradis Island. She stays silent until the conclusion of this meeting when she goes outside to join her fellow Warriors on a balcony. Pieck expresses her discontent with the senior military officers, finding them foolish for their lackluster past plans, and wonders about the future of the Eldians.[30]

Pieck and Galliard fall into the trapdoor

Sometime before the beginning of Willy Tybur's speech at the Liberio festival, Pieck and the other Warriors are ordered to take their seats as ambassadors of Marley.[31] After they are seated, a Marleyan soldier informs the Warriors that Magath wants to see them. Along the way, the soldier dismisses Zeke, causing Pieck to become suspicious. She comments that the soldier feels familiar, but becomes distracted when she sees the Panzer Unit that operates the artillery her Cart Titan carries in battle. Pieck eagerly goes over and discreetly informs them about her suspicions regarding the soldier escorting them. The soldier leads Pieck and Galliard to an empty building, and she realizes that they have been led into a trap as the soldier cuts a nearby rope. It opens a trap door beneath her and Galliard.[32]

Pieck and Galliard fall into a Warrior confinement area, fracturing their bones in the process. They observe the lack of space to transform, so decide to wait with the supplies provided. Galliard questions the identity and intentions of the soldier who trapped them. Pieck states that she is not sure, but she remembers the soldier from somewhere before.[33] Later, the two begin to feel tremors from outside. Pieck deduces that the tremors are from Titans fighting outside and that this would be the reason they were trapped. While discussing a means of escape, her Panzer Unit comes to the Warriors' rescue. She explains to Galliard that she took safety measures because of their suspicious escort. The soldiers let down a rope and help the Warriors climb out of the pit.[34]

File:Pieck and Porco.png

Pieck and Galliard are shocked to see the arrival of the Survey Corps

Pieck's unit informs them about the Attack Titan's sudden appearance, and how the War Hammer Titan is currently engaging it in battle. Pieck orders her unit to prepare her Titan's armor, and Galliard prepares to go and join the battle. Before he leaves, Pieck suggests that he observe the situation for a while so they can better understand the enemy attacking them. They are then shocked to see a group of soldiers fly over them using vertical maneuvering equipment. As the others stare in awe, Pieck recalls seeing the same technology during her brief time on Paradis Island.[35]

The Cart Titan in battle with the Survey Corps

Though it takes some time, Pieck has her Panzer Unit equip her Titan with the heavy machine-gun armament, believing that it would be perfect against the vertical maneuvering equipment. When she arrives at the battlefield, she and the Panzer Unit surprise the Survey Corps with an artillery barrage, killing several soldiers and saving Galliard from death. She perches on top of a building and joins the rest of the Titans of Marley in a showdown against the Survey Corps.[36] Pieck provides cover for Zeke as two soldiers try to approach him with Thunder Spears but nearly gets killed by one, only for Galliard to save her.[37]

After thanking him, Pieck is told to watch out for the Ackerman lurking nearby. She tells Galliard that what they need to do is protect Zeke.[38] Pieck then sees the explosion caused by the transformation of the Colossus Titan at the edge of the city, realizing that Bertolt was killed and had his Titan ability stolen by the enemy.[39]

Pieck is hit by numerous Thunder Spears

After Galliard charges towards Eren, Pieck tries calling him back but to no avail; she then groups up with Zeke to attack the Survey Corps but is surprised to see Zeke fall. She and her Panzer Unit become the focus of the Survey Corps, and one of her gunners is shot in the head. She charges towards the soldier who killed him, but Jean Kirstein intercepts her and launches a Thunder Spear at Pieck. It bounces off her Titan's helmet and into one of the eye slots where it detonates. The rest of Pieck's gunners are killed by a barrage of Thunder Spears which also severely damages her Titan. Pieck stumbles off the roof of the building and falls right in front of Falco Grice, Gabi, and Magath. Beaten and injured, Pieck is momentarily saved by the sudden intervention of Falco who shields her from Jean.[40]

Pieck is severely injured

When Jean fires his Thunder Spear, Pieck releases a small burst of steam and he misses his shot. This gives Falco and Gabi enough time to get Pieck away from the battle while Magath and his soldiers cover their escape. By the time they get Pieck to safety, both Falco and Gabi observe that her injuries are far too severe for her Titan power to catch up with the healing. Despite this, she later stirs as the Warrior candidates call out for Reiner.[41] Pieck realizes that the soldier who had trapped her and Galliard was aboard the first survey ship sent to Paradis and presumed to have perished after it failed to report in; believing the soldier to be a follower of Zeke, Pieck reports to Magath her suspicions.[42]

War for Paradis arc

Pieck infiltrates Paradis Island

After the battle, Pieck recovers in a room together with Reiner and Galliard.[43] During an emergency meeting, Magath explains Pieck's theory that Zeke has been planning his raid with a team of co-conspirators from inside the Marleyan Military. Magath then tells the others they will wait for the Global Alliance to assemble before Reiner declares they should launch a surprise attack against Paradis now.[44]

Pieck is sent along with Galliard ahead of the other Marley forces to Paradis Island to seek out Eren. As she reads a newspaper, she manages to overhear a few citizens bitterly comment about the recent actions of the Survey Corps.[45] She then infiltrates the ranks of the Yeagerists within Shiganshina. When Eren enters Gabi's prison cell to convince her to cooperate, Pieck surprises him by stabbing an accompanying guard in the throat. Pointing her firearm at Eren, Pieck tells Gabi to be silent while confirming her target's identity.[46]

Pieck reveals her desire to free the Eldians from persecution

Threatening to kill Eren if he does not comply, Pieck ultimately backs down due to her mission of taking Eren in alive.[47] After telling Eren that she wishes to free the Eldians just like him, Gabi immediately accuses her of being a traitor like Zeke. Pieck tells Gabi that, despite the heads of the military telling them otherwise, the Warriors and their families are not honorary Marleyans and will always be seen as lower class citizens; when Gabi protests, Pieck reminds her that with the advancements in technology, Marley will no longer rely solely on Titans for warfare and all the Eldians (honorary or not) will be killed due to not being needed anymore. Eren asks her to prove herself and Pieck volunteers to show him where the other infiltrators are located.[48]

Pieck points at Eren on the roof

After being handcuffed to Gabi and taken to the roof, Pieck asks Eren if this means they are on the same side; Eren merely responds that Pieck should not try anything, due to potentially killing Gabi if she tries to transform. They meet Yelena at the roof; Pieck whimsically recalls her treachery in Liberio, mentioning that Yelena looked nice with the fake goatee. When pressured to reveal her comrades, Pieck grips Gabi's hand and smiles at her; she then turns and points at Eren. Just then, Galliard's Jaw Titan bursts through and takes Eren and the Yeagerists by surprise. As this happens, Pieck grabs Gabi and dives out of the way. As the Jaw Titan shields them from the blast of Eren transforming, Pieck tells Gabi that while she does want to free the Eldians, she trusts her comrades to help with the liberation efforts.[49]

Pieck is freed by Galliard's Jaw Titan

After getting away, Pieck calls out to Galliard; Galliard spots that Pieck and Gabi are shackled together and cut off her lower arm so that she can transform; Pieck falls off the roof and transforms, having Gabi climb into her Titan's mouth and the two flee.[50] They meet up with Magath and his soldiers, and Pieck informs them of the number of Paradis's forces and that Zeke has not yet arrived in the district. Pieck and Magath are puzzled by the fact that Eren has not yet activated the Founder, but Gabi's revelation that Zeke stated that Paradis has now a Titan of royal blood leads them to theorize that Zeke is that Titan and that Eren needs to be in contact with him to activate the Founder.

Pieck is fitted with an anti-Titan artillery cannon on her back

Outfitted with an anti-Titan artillery cannon, Pieck declares that they cannot allow Eren and Zeke to come into contact with each other and begins to climb Wall Maria with Magath.[51] Upon reaching the top of the wall, Magath mans the cannon and shoots Eren's Titan in the head, temporarily disabling him. They fire another shot at Eren to incapacitate him further, but before they can fire any more they are interrupted by Zeke's arrival.[52]

After Zeke annihilates the Marleyan airships, he takes aim at Pieck and she is barely able to avoid a barrage of stones. Clinging to the side of the Wall, she advises Magath to not fight Zeke head-on but he refuses.[53] Just then, a small group of Yeagerists arrive and begins to target them, forcing Pieck to retreat.

Pieck awaiting Magath to fire

To trick her pursuers, Pieck exits her Titan form and hides in the steam of her Titan's decaying body, making it look as though she has been killed. The Yeagerists are then fired upon by Marleyan soldiers from the Cart Titan's carcass while Magath subtly angles the artillery to get a clear shot at Zeke.[54] Afterwards, Magath lands a direct hit on Zeke's Beast Titan, knocking him off the Wall.[55]

Pieck is hit by a Thunder Spear, destroying the artillery cannon

Pieck transforms once again and the artillery cannon is reattached to her Titan form. As Magath fires another shot into the head of Eren's Titan, both him and Pieck come under attack from Floch and the Yeagerists. They manage to fend off their attackers and resume firing upon Eren and Zeke; however, the artillery cannon is then destroyed by the efforts of both Armin and Mikasa. With no artillery to continue shooting at Eren and Zeke's Titan forms, Pieck is forced to engage her two assailants; targeting them both, Pieck proclaims it is over and charges towards Mikasa.[56] Before she can however, Eren makes contact with Zeke to start the Rumbling, and Pieck grips the Wall as it begins to disintegrate beneath her.[57] Like all Subjects of Ymir, Pieck is then able to suddenly hear Eren's voice and his declaration to protect the people of Paradis Island.[58]

Pieck and Magath retreat from Shiganshina and observe Marley's airships leaving the island. As Pieck and Magath discuss what to do next, they are caught off guard by an approaching soldier. Pieck prepares to attack, but the soldier insists that she and her companion are harmless.[59]



Pieck is praised for her intellect by her fellow Warriors and Marleyan military.[11] She has proved to be able to deduce consequences according to the facts that were presented to her and is regarded as someone who can take the appropriate decisions according to the situation. This ability of her is what motivated the Marleyan military to give her the Cart Titan.[60]

Power of the Titans

Pieck has the power to transform herself into a 4m Titan known as the Cart Titan. It is the shortest of the human-controlled Titans.

  • Speed: Like the Jaw Titan, Pieck's Titan is known for its devastating speed. During the Mission to Regain the Founding Titan, Pieck was able to successfully retake Zeke from his devastated Beast Titan form during his fight against Levi Ackerman, he himself noted for his immense speed. This incapacitated him long enough for them to make their escape. During the battle at Fort Slava, Pieck was tasked alongside Galliard to take out the bunkers of the Mid-East Allied Forces.
  • Enhanced Strength: Like all humans with the power of the Titans, Pieck's Titan form has strength stronger than Pure Titans. Due to the unique appearance of the Cart Titan, she is oftentimes used as a pack mule, being able to carry barrels and crates across her Titan's back.
  • Communication: Pieck is one of the few Titan inheritors seen to be capable of speech in her Titan form. During the Return to Shiganshina arc, she acted as a scout for Zeke and Reiner, warning them of the imminent Survey Corps. She shares this ability with Ymir, Zeke, and the younger sister of Willy.
  • Enhanced Transformation Endurance: While most other humans containing the power of the Titans are unable to stay in their Titan forms for extended periods of time at risk of absorption, Pieck is able to remain in this form for extremely long periods of time due to the power of her Cart Titan. However, due to her Titan form walking on all fours, Pieck oftentimes forgets how to walk on two legs after leaving Titan form. During the Marley Mid-East War, Pieck stated that she spent around two months in her Titan form, and as a result, has begun to walk with the aid of a crutch.
  • Steam emission: Pieck is able to emit a brief burst of steam from her Cart Titan when regenerating.[61]


  • Porco Galliard - Pieck appeared to be very close friends with Galliard. The two Warriors grew especially close during the Marley Mid-East War, frequently fighting by each other's side in several battles including the battle of Fort Slava at the end of the war. She occasionally refereed to him by the affectionate nickname "Pock" (ポッコ Pokko?), though this name seemed to irritate him.[25] The pair appeared to have been friends since they were children, training together as Warrior candidates.
  • Zeke Yeager - Like the other Warriors, Pieck is shown to greatly respect and admire her war chief. During the battle in Shiganshina, she alerted Zeke to the presence of the Survey Corps[17] and subsequently rescued him and Reiner when the battle came to a conclusion. During said battle, she was also shown gathering rocks for him to aim at the approaching Survey Corps until he told her to stop otherwise.[18] Like Galliard, she has known Zeke since childhood. After realizing that Zeke was working with Paradis and defected from Marley, Pieck was shocked but realized that it made sense after recognizing the soldier who trapped her as one of Zeke's followers.
  • Theo Magath - As the head of Marley's military, Pieck has the utmost respect for Magath. The feeling is mutual, as Magath has several times expressed the value of her extraordinary intellect and deductive reasoning despite her Eldian heritage.

People killed

  • Previous inheritor of the Cart Titan (as a Pure Titan)[62]
  • At least one unnamed member of the Yeagerists[63]


Failed attempts


Hajime Isayama's original design for "Oliver Pieck"

  • Pieck tied with Gabi Braun and Connie Springer for twenty-first in the Third Character Popularity Poll.
  • During Pieck's debut appearance, Hajime Isayama was considering designing Pieck as a middle-aged man. However, he later decided to design Pieck as a young adult woman.[77]
  • The official English translation of the Attack on Titan Character Encyclopedia incorrectly states Pieck's birthday as February 10th, and her height and weight as 140 cm and 34 kg respectively; information which actually corresponds to Falco Grice. Falco has his information translated correctly, so both characters are shown with the same statistics. This is a mistake of the English translation that is not present in the original Japanese edition of the book.[2]


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