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Porco Galliard (ポルコ・ガリアード Poruko Gariādo?) is an Eldian and the younger brother of Marcel Galliard. He is one of Marley's Warriors with the ability to transform into a Titan and the current inheritor of the Jaw Titan.


Human form

Galliard's appearance

Galliard is a young man of average height. He has hazel eyes, and his blond hair is kept in an undercut style which is pushed back. He wears combat trousers and a short coat. He also wears the Eldian armband on his left arm, as required of all Eldians under the authority of Marley.

Jaw Titan form

Galliard's Titan, the Jaw Titan, possesses deep-set eyes with a heavy brow and long blond hair. While his chin sports a long beard, the rest of his face is hairless with a cog-like arrangement of hardened skin in place of lips. His Titan also sports an armored face, fingers, and knuckles. His body is muscular and well-toned, and he usually employs all four limbs when moving.


Galliard appears to be a brave figure, using his Titan to leap in the way of bullets and protect his fellow Eldians Gabi and Falco, and Warriors. It is, however, quite possible that Galliard was not acting on bravery and was instead certain of his ability to withstand gunfire with the absence of the armored train, indicating that he has fought on battlefields before. As a dedicated soldier, he charges right into the heat of battle, attacking and crushing enemy soldiers for his people.

He also has somewhat of a bitter personality particularly towards Reiner Braun, and treats him condescendingly. Galliard seems to be prone to using passive-aggressive language, although it is likely that much of this animosity is exclusive to Reiner. He is, or at least was, prone to violence, as seen when he punched Reiner after they had an argument. He also appears to be extremely arrogant in his own power, trusting that his Titan powers are more than enough to keep him alive against the experienced Scout Regiment and was visibly shocked when they are able to essentially fight him to a standstill.

It should be noted that despite his rude attitude, Galliard cares very deeply for his fellow Warriors. He is shown to be a nice person, being very friendly towards fellow Warriors and Warrior candidates, and has no difficulty treating Reiner's cousin Gabi with respect. Although he is cold and unwelcoming to the older Warriors' friendly advances, he shows great panic and anger when Pieck and Zeke are defeated during battle with the Scouts. The revelation that Bertholdt Hoover was devoured while on Paradis angers him enough to begin acting rashly in battle and put himself in danger as a result.


Some years before the Paradis Island Operation, Galliard was a leading candidate to inherit the Armored Titan. He participated in the selection process along other Eldian children. After reuniting with the other six possible candidates and receiving the information about the future offensive against Paradis Island, Galliard scolded Reiner Braun as he considered him the only one without a special talent, being only fueled by his love towards Marley and his adulating towards their superiors. After Reiner accused him of being an Eldian spy, Galliard punched him and was stopped by his brother before continuing to their destination; even though Marcel had convinced him to stop the assault, Galliard continued to mock Reiner.[1]

It was eventually decided in the year 843 that Reiner would inherit the power of the Armored Titan; Galliard's brother Marcel was additionally chosen to inherit the power of the Jaw Titan. When the Warriors departed for Paradis Island, Galliard remained behind on the continental mainland.[1]


Return to Shiganshina arc

After Ymir, a former Pure Titan who devoured Marcel on Paradis Island, surrenders herself to Marley to return the Jaw Titan power she inadvertently stole, Galliard is chosen to consume her and inherit the power.[2] He inherits Ymir's memories and understands her history and motives, but he sees nothing from the memories of his brother.[3]

Marley arc

Galliard destroys the Allies' railway

Four years after the Warriors' return from Paradis, Galliard is present at the battle of Fort Slava. Under orders from the Warriors' Marleyan superior Commander Magath, he and Pieck are unauthorized to engage in combat with the Mid-East Allied Forces at the fort due to the presence of the highly dangerous Anti-Titan Artillery. However, once Gabi succeeds in destroying the armored train holding the artillery, Galliard joins the fight and shields her and Falco from machine gun fire before charging forward and decimating the enemies' defenses.

After clearing their defenses Galliard continues pushing forward, killing several soldiers inside the trenches and using his powerful jaw to break the railways. After the Armored Titan is deployed inside the fortress, Galliard destroys several anti-Titan artillery platforms to protect him before retiring and leaving the remaining soldiers to the Armored Titan and the Beast Titan.[4]

Galliard recalls inheriting Ymir's power

After the battle, Galliard watches over Reiner as he recovers from his injuries following the battle of Fort Slava. When Reiner awakens, he thanks Galliard for saving him in Fort Slava, but Galliard coldly tells him that he only wanted to keep Marley from losing the Armored Titan. Galliard then explains that he did not inherit his brother's memories but he did inherit Ymir's memories and harshly berates Reiner for needing to be saved by his comrades so often, including Marcel whose death Galliard holds Reiner accountable for. Reiner eventually leaves after Pieck joins them, and Galliard stays behind with Pieck.

Galliard later joins the rest of the Marleyan military on the train returning to their homeland, seated among the other Warriors. When the train arrives at Liberio Galliard is forced to help Warrior candidate Colt Grice, hungover from a party he threw in Gabi's honor, off the train. Galliard chastises Pieck for agreeing to let Colt drink, but soon turns his attention to Gabi and congratulates her for her accomplishments at Slava. The Eldian soldiers return to the Liberio Internment Zone, where Galliard reunites with his parents.

Galliard and the rest of the warriors meet in Zeke's room

The next day Galliard attends a private meeting with the other Warriors to discuss returning to Paradis Island to retake the Founding Titan. Once the two arrive, Zeke informs them of his plan to stabilize Marley's steadily waning power by recommencing the Paradis Island Operation to reclaim the Founding Titan. Galliard is unhappy at the news that the noble Tybur family will be acting as the Warriors' spokespersons during the affair, but is convinced by Reiner and Zeke to agree to the plan.[3]

Galliard attends a military meeting figuring out the logistics of an invasion of Paradis Island. On his way he meets up with Pieck, who is trying to walk on all fours to emulate her Cart Titan. After the meeting ends, he joins his Warrior colleagues outside on a balcony, and sarcastically compliments the senior officers' intellect.

On the day of Willy Tybur's festival in Liberio, Galliard attends the event with Reiner, Pieck, and the Warrior candidates. Later that night he and the other Warriors gather to attend Willy's play.[5]

Pieck and Galliard fall inside the Warrior confinement area

After taking their seat, a Marley soldier informs the Warriors that Magath wants to speak with them. After sending Zeke off, the soldier leads Galliard and Pieck to an empty room. Confused, Galliard asks where Magath is, only for the soldier to cut a nearby rope, opening a trap door underneath the two.

Galliard and Pieck fall onto a bed of straw, fracturing their bones in the process. Pieck identifies the hole as an old-fashioned Warrior confinement area, and they note the lack of space to transform. Galliard wonders about the soldier's plan and Pieck answers that she is not sure, but recognizes the soldier from somewhere.[6]

The captive Warriors begin to feel tremors inside the confinement trap. This allows Pieck to deduce that Titans are battling outside, giving reason to why they were captured. As Galliard begins questioning how to escape, the Panzer Unit comes to their rescue. Pieck explains that she had taken security measures because of the suspicious feeling she had gotten from their supposed escort. The unit then sends down a rope, which the Warriors use to climb up and out of the pitfall. The rescuers inform them about the Attack Titan's sudden appearance, and how the War Hammer Titan is currently engaging it in battle. Whilst Pieck briefs her troops, Galliard prepares to go and join the fray, though she asks him to stop and observe the situation for a while. Galliard is then shocked to see a group of soldiers dart over them using anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment, having never seen it used before.

Galliard bites the Attack Titan's nape

After transforming into his Jaw Titan, Galliard ambushes Eren Jaeger's Attack Titan from behind and leaps onto its nape. Galliard tries to bite into the Titan's nape, but his jaw is sliced open before he can. The Attack Titan then smashes Galliard on a building behind them, and as he sees the soldier maneuvering around, he realizes that it is an Ackermann.[7]

Galliard frightened by Levi's swift attack

Pieck's Cart Titan then arrives in time with the Panzer Unit, killing several enemy soldiers with its machine guns, much to Galliard's surprise. As the Beast Titan also joins the battlefield, Galliard and Pieck stand by its side, facing the rest of the Scouts.

After killing an enemy soldier Galliard partially emerges from his Titan and warns Pieck of the Ackermann, as they had lost sight of him. He listens as Pieck assesses the situation, and he states if they could get the Founding Titan, the enemy would lose the ace up their sleeves. They are interrupted by a sudden explosion at the harbor. Pieck recognizes it as the Colossal Titan's transformation and realizes Bertholdt was killed and had his Titan ability taken by the enemy. Angered by this, Galliard once again charges at Eren, remarking that the enemy's plans would be ruined if he gets rid of him.

The Jaw Titan scratches Lara's crystal

Galliard is stunned to see Zeke's Titan get taken down by Levi and then sees that the Cart Titan is disabled as well. Fearing that both have been killed, this drives him into a rage once more and targets Eren. Growing out the claws on his Titan form, Galliard avoids another attack by Mikasa and lunges at the Attack Titan, only to get punched in the face. Despite this, Galliard hangs on and bites down on the hardened fist made by Eren. He then rakes the face of the Attack Titan with numerous strikes, one getting deflected by the crystal surrounding the younger sister of Willy. Galliard momentarily retreats back to the husk of the War Hammer Titan.

Galliard is hoisted above the Attack Titan

Noticing an incoming airship, Galliard realizes that is how the Scout Regiment plan to retreat. He changes targets but fails to see Mikasa, who cripples his Titan by slicing through his legs and cutting off his right foot. This sends Galliard crashing down in front of Eren; the latter subdues the Jaw Titan by tearing off both its arms and forces the crystal into its mouth. Galliard realizes the Attack Titan wishes to use him to steal the War Hammer Titan but is unable to stop it; he is forced by Eren to bite down and break through the hardened crystal, killing Lara Tybur and allowing Eren to obtain her Titan powers.

He is then slammed to the ground and left unconscious by Eren, who tries to bite his nape and eat him as well. Seeing this, Gabi and Falco yell for Reiner to save him, eventually managing to awaken him.[8] The Armored Titan emerges from the rubble and attacks Eren, preventing Galliard from being eaten.

War for Paradis arc

Some time after the battle finishes, Galliard sits with a recovered Pieck, drinking alcohol when Reiner wakes up. Galliard asks him if he had a nightmare and gives him a bottle.

Galliard later takes part in an emergency meeting with Magath and the other Warriors. He is shocked to hear that Zeke is most likely working with Paradis and deceived all of Marley.[9]

As part of the retaliation against Paradis, Galliard and Pieck are discreetly sent to Paradis, where they infiltrate the military headquarters where Eren Jaeger is staying. Once Pieck has brought Eren to the roof of the building, Galliard transforms into his Jaw Titan form and ambushes Eren, but is unable to prevent Eren from transforming. As Eren transforms, Galliard uses the Jaw Titan to shield Pieck and Gabi from the resulting blast.[10]


As an Eldian Warrior, Galliard has undergone advanced military training in order to prepare him to use the Titan power. He was in very good shape and his overall abilities were strong enough to make him an Eldian Warrior.

Power of the Titans

Galliard has the ability to transform into a 5 meter Titan known as the Jaw Titan (顎の巨人 Agito no Kyojin?).

  • Jaw: Galliard's most prominent feature and the one that gives him his Titan's namesake, Galliard's mouth was specifically made to bite very durable materials. He has two sets of teeth: the first one is an exterior set of hardened teeth instead of lips. The second set is located inside the mouth, and it is a series of pointy teeth with hollow spaces between each individual tooth. This formidable weapon was efficient enough to bite railways off the ground with little effort and without harming his own mouth.[4]
  • Speed: Galliard has shown an outstanding level of speed and agility, even for a Titan. He could cover great distances while jumping, both when he was on the offensive or escaping from incoming attacks. His speed made his surprise attacks difficult to predict, seen when he eliminated soldiers who were attacking Reiner before they could notice him.[4] He was noted to be much faster than his predecessor, Ymir.
  • Regeneration: Just like all others with the power of the Titans, Galliard has the ability to regenerate any injuries he may suffer. During the battle of Fort Slava, Galliard was shot several times in his Titan form. However, by the time Reiner arrived on the battlefield, the bullet injuries in his face and shoulder appeared healed.[4]

People Killed

Failed attempts


  • Porco is a Portuguese and Italian word that translates to "pig" or "filthy."
  • Sketches of Galliard included in the Attack on Titan: Final Manga Exhibition revealed that a working name for him was Horst Galliard (ホルスト・ガリアード Horusuto Gariādo?).