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Predatory Cycle (捕食の構図 Hoshoku no Kōzu?) is 1st chapter of the 3rd volume and the 8th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Kuklo is able to escape the grasp of the Titan and damages it some more while trying to reach the ground. He is then rescued by Carlo Pikale. As the Titan alternates between killing and eating various soldiers trying to get away, Carlo tries to rally his remaining troops. Just then, Kuklo tells Carlo his idea on how to possibly defeat the Titan.


Carlo saves Kuklo

Upon driving his knife into the Titan's eye, Kuklo is immediately hurled away by the Titan. As he falls towards the ground, Kuklo drives his knife into the Titan's skin in a desperate attempt to slow his descent. Landing on the ground, Kuklo is left disoriented, and is nearly crushed under the Titan's foot, but is saved by the timely arrival of Carlo Pikale. Kuklo attempts to thank Carlo, but the commander praises Kuklo's knife, noting that it is probably made of the same material as the equipment the Survey Corps uses, and that anything else likely would not have penetrated the Titan's skin.

Carlo orders his squads to attack strategically

Hearing screaming, the two turn to see the Titan devouring the soldier that drove Kuklo's cart. Enraged, the soldier's comrades begin to attack, but are immediately swatted away by the Titan. Watching the Titan massacre the soldiers, Carlo tries to organize the troops' attack patterns, and sends a squad to retrieve the deceased soldiers' horses. As the soldiers attack, Carlo orders anyone who has lost their horse to retreat, but wonders if they can not hear him when they do not obey.

As the Titan alternates between eating and simply killing the attacking soldiers, Carlo continues to try to organize everyone. Kuklo asks him if they will be able to kill the Titan, but Carlo informs him that they can not, as they lack their trump card. Carlo explains to Kuklo that the Titan's regenerating ability means that the Corps can not kill it by cutting it, and Kuklo asks why they simply do not retreat. Carlo notes that, even if they did run, Wall Maria is too far away for them to reach before the Titan catches them.

Kuklo shows the explosive

Carlo informs Kuklo that he will be sending Kuklo back to Maria with the retrieval squad, while he gradually sends more and more members of the attacking and assisting squads whenever the opportunity presents itself. Kuklo suggests a different tactic, showing Carlo the wrecked cart with the box of gunpowder. Carlo, agreeing with Kuklo's idea, says that they will need one of the canisters of gunpowder, but Kuklo reveals that he has hidden one on his person. Carlo asks if they will be able to complete Kuklo's plan, and Kuklo determinedly tells Carlo that he will prove that he can.

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