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Predawn Departure (未明の出立 Mimei no Shuttatsu?) is the 2nd chapter of the 2nd volume and the 5th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Sharle and Kuklo arrive at Shiganshina District. After several days, Kuklo overhears that the Survey Corps will be making an expedition outside the Walls; convinced this is his best chance to see for himself if he is the spawn of a Titan, Kuklo resolves to smuggle himself out among the expedition troops.

Sharle, worried for his safety, gives Kuklo her dagger for protection and says she will wait for his return from beyond the Walls. Kuklo then leaves and sneaks aboard a Survey Corps wagon.


Kuklo arrives to Shiganshina

As Kuklo and Sharle Inocencio arrive in Shiganshina District, the traveler smuggling them into the town advises them to stay hidden until they are safely inside. As Sharle excitedly watches the town, Kuklo is overwhelmed to see the town where he was born.

Kuklo awakens from a nightmare as Sharle arrives from grocery shopping. Although Sharle is alarmed to see him active so soon after his injury, Kuklo insists that he is fine, and that his eye is no longer bleeding. As Sharle changes Kuklo's bandage, she informs Kuklo that Xavi has joined the Military, before leaving to help their landlord in her shop. As Sharle works, Kuklo sits alone in their room and decides that he must meet a Titan in person.

Kuklo gobbles up the food

As thanks for Sharle helping in her shop, the landlord provides Kuklo and Sharle with a large buffet of food for them to eat. After receiving permission from Sharle, Kuklo immediately begins eating the food in a display that impresses both Sharle and their landlord. As Kuklo and Sharle eat, some men at the table next to them discuss the Survey Corps' first expedition in fifteen years, mentioning that the Corps was brought back after the downfall of the conservative Baumeister family. They claim that Corps' departure will have a number of spectators to see them and their new captain, the son of Jorge the Hero, off on their mission, and begin cheering as Kuklo eats, apparently taking no interest in their conversation.

Later, as Kuklo attempts to sleep, Sharle reveals that the man she was arranged to marry was the son of the Baumeister family. She tells Kuklo that she is glad she left home with him, and he apologizes for his hand in her father's death.

Kuklo sees the Wall up close

The following morning, Sharle watches as civilians prepare for the Survey Corps' departure in awe while Kuklo excitedly surveys the food being sold. As they navigate the crowd, Kuklo is left in awe upon seeing Wall Maria up close. Observing the Wall, Kuklo recalls that Sharle once saw a Titan from atop the Wall, and asks her what impression it gave her. After some consideration, Sharle tells him that, in her opinion, it had the shape of a monster. Seeing the look on Kuklo's face, Sharle asks him if he still wants to leave the Walls to see a Titan for himself.

Kuklo insists that he must see one for himself, before leading Sharle away as two members of the Military Police Brigade arrive. Kuklo decides that he and Sharle should refrain from going outside when possible, but stops as he hears footsteps. Sharle claims not to hear anything, but is interrupted as the cannons atop the Wall begin firing.

Kuklo and Sharle watch from their room's window as members of the Survey Corps pass by in a parade. As he watches, Kuklo sees covered wagon and comments that it might prove to be useful to him.

Kuklo sneaks into a wagon

As Sharle cuts Kuklo's hair, she asks him if he still plans to stowaway with the Survey Corps. When Kuklo confirms that he still plans to, Sharle offers him her knife to carry with him for protection. Kuklo accepts it, and Sharle tells him that she will be waiting for him to return.

Under the cover of night, Kuklo sneaks into one of the Corps' covered wagons, excitedly thinking that he is going to see a Titan.

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