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Ragako (ラガコ村 Ragako-mura?) is a town located in the southern area of Wall Rose.

It is the hometown of Connie Springer and Ms. Springer, along with the rest of their deceased family. All of its inhabitants were turned into Titans by Zeke Yeager.


Clash of the Titans arc

According to Zeke, after having infiltrated Wall Rose, himself, Pieck, and a small group of Marleyan soldiers locate Ragako and choose to target it. The soldiers release a gas diffused with Zeke's spinal fluid and the wind quickly blows it as a fog over the village. When the Subjects of Ymir that inhabit the village inhale this gas, they are etched with a coordinate. Zeke screams, making the paths transform the villagers and allowing him to impose his will on their Pure Titans due to their connection with his Beast Titan.[1]

Connie discovers a deformed Titan on top of their house

Connie returns to Ragako when Titans mysteriously appear within Wall Rose. Connie is on one of the teams of Survey Corps members who go to warn the surrounding villages.[2] As the Titans had come from the direction of Connie's village, he joins the squad that is headed there to check for survivors. Upon arriving in Ragako, they find that the village has been destroyed; but strangely, there is no blood or bodies left behind. This gives Connie hope that the people might have escaped, but all of the horses are still in the stable. Furthermore, in the ruins of Connie's house, he finds an immobile Titan that he thinks is strangely reminiscent of his mother and which appears to welcome him home, implying that the villagers of Ragako may have somehow been turned into Titans.[3]

Ymir later states that the Beast Titan was responsible for the sudden multitude of Titans, likely meaning it is also responsible for the destruction of Ragako.[4]

Royal Government arc

It is eventually confirmed, after an investigation headed by Hange Zoë and assisted by Connie, that his fears were correct. The incident at Ragako reveals the true nature of the Titans, though Erwin Smith and Dot Pixis make the decision to keep this information secret. The number of villagers-turned-Titans that appeared within Wall Rose corresponded to the same amount of villagers that went missing.[5] The Titans were killed by the military, but Ms. Springer was captured and taken into custody by the Survey Corps.

Around two months later, Connie mentions going back to Ragako in hopes of learning something new about his mother.[6]

War for Paradis arc

Four years later, in 854, Ragako village remains abandoned and Ms. Springer's Titan is still there, though it is now partially sheltered from the elements by a tent.[7]

Zeke tells Levi Ackerman about the method he had used to turn the citizens of the village into Titans four years prior. Levi is bothered by Zeke's nonchalant explanation, and fiercely tells him to remember the village he had slaughtered was named Ragako.[8]

In the aftermath of the Revenge for Liberio, Connie Springer brings Falco Grice there to feed him to his mother in order to revert her back to her human form. However, after being confronted by Armin Arlert and Gabi Braun, he decides otherwise.[9]