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Ragako (ラガコ村 Ragako-mura?) is a town located in the southern area of Wall Rose.

It is the hometown of Conny Springer along with the rest of his family.


Clash of the Titans arc

A villager before being gassed by Zeke's spinal fluid

According to Zeke, after having infiltrated Wall Rose, himself, Pieck, and a small group of Marleyan soldiers locate Ragako and choose to target it. The soldiers release a gas diffused with Zeke's spinal fluid and the wind quickly blows it as a fog over the village. Once the subjects of Ymir that inhabit the village inhale this gas, they are paralyzed and etched with a coordinate. Zeke screams, making the paths transform the villagers and allowing him to impose his will on their Pure Titans due to their connection with his Beast Titan.

Conny discovers a deformed Titan on top of his house

Conny returns to Ragako when Titans mysteriously appear within Wall Rose. Conny is on one of the teams of Scout Regiment members who go to warn the surrounding villages.[1] As the Titans had come from the direction of Conny's village, he joins the squad that is headed there to check for survivors. Upon arriving in Ragako, they find that the village has been destroyed and Conny finds a Titan lying on top of his house with very skinny, useless limbs, and no clear explanation as to how it got there.[2] Upon further investigation, the Scouts find that while all the homes and structures in the town have been broken apart, there are no signs of blood or corpses to be found. Before leaving the scene, the Titan speaks to Conny, saying "Wel...come...home..."[3]

The next evening, a small Scout Regiment contingent led by Moblit go to Ragako to investigate. They validate the destruction and the lack of blood across the village before also finding the stranded Titan atop Conny's house. When the Titan began to move, Moblit had the soldiers calm down and continue observing it. By holding a frame of Conny's parents upside down, and comparing it with the Titan, Moblit comes to the realization that the invading Titans were originally human.[4]

Royal Government arc

Around two months after the Wall Rose invasion, Conny mentions going back to Ragako to visit his mother's Titan, in hopes of learning something new.[5]

Return to Shiganshina arc

During the time when Titans are being eradicated from Paradis Island, Conny requests for the village to become a "Titan Observation Zone" and be left as-is.[6]

War for Paradis arc

Four years later, in 854, Ragako village remains abandoned and Conny's mother's Titan is still there, though it is now partially sheltered from the elements by a tent.[7]

While talking to Levi Ackermann during his captivity in the Forest of Giant Trees, Zeke reveals that although he didn't want to gas the people of Ragako, Marley would learn of his affiliation to the Restorationists, going as far to state that it would be impossible for him to bring hope to the people of Paradis. Levi responds to that he didn't feel a single instance of guilt after transforming the villagers.[8]

In the aftermath of the Paradis Island Surprise Attack, Conny Springer brings Falco Grice there to feed him to his mother in order to revert her back to her human form. However, after being confronted by Armin Arlelt and Gabi Braun, he decides otherwise.[7]