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Quote1.png But...if someone doesn't do this, we'll all be stuck in that crumbling tent. Not everyone can survive the winter in those...People die every year...I'm done living like that Quote2.png
— Ramzi's determination to change his and his fellow refugees' conditions.[1]

Ramzi (ラムジー Ramujī?)[1] was a boy who lived in a refugee camp in Marley with his younger brother, Halil.


Ramzi was a young boy with short, dark hair, large, dark eyes and a Roman nose. He was usually seen wearing a vest over a light, button-up shirt and dark pants, along with a fez that he always wore atop his head. Near the end of his life, he lost his right hand as a result of his frequent pick-pocketing.


In order to provide for his family, Ramzi was willing to commit morally dubious actions such as stealing. He proved to be a brave, caring boy, refusing to quit stealing for his family, even after having a hand cut off and being constantly beaten up as punishment for his actions.


Marley arc

Ramzi is caught stealing

One day while attempting to pick-pocket at a Marleyan harbor, Ramzi is caught trying to make off with Sasha Blouse's purse. The Marleyans present want to exact a brutal punishment on Ramzi for stealing, but he is saved by the girl and her friends lie and claim that they know him. Ramzi thanks them for their help and leaves with the money.[2]

A short time later, Ramzi is caught by a group of merchants and taken into an alley where they proceed to beat him for repeatedly stealing from them. He is saved by the arrival of a man who proceeds to beat the merchants into submission.

The man takes Ramzi back to his village and Ramzi thanks him for his help. However, he is taken aback when the man breaks down in tears and begins apologizing to him repeatedly.[3] Ramzi goes to his tent and convinces his grandfather to invite the man and his friends inside to celebrate together. Ramzi's family and the strangers eat and drink together for most of the night.[4]

At some point afterward, Ramzi's right hand is cut off for stealing.

War for Paradis arc

Ramzi about to be crushed

Ramzi takes his brother Halil to see the stash of stolen money that he has been collecting. Halil tries to convince Ramzi to stop stealing, but Ramzi is determined to continue until he has collected enough to buy his family a better home than their tent in the village. Their conversation is interrupted by a group of passersby who are fleeing the city. When Ramzi looks to see what is going on, he is horrified to see an army of Titans marching across the land.

The two boys return to their village and flee with the rest of the villagers. As they try to outrun the Rumbling, Ramzi accidentally drops his money and Halil attempts to retrieve it. Ramzi tries to stop his brother from going back, but the two are both hit by falling debris from the Titan's demolition of nearby buildings, crippling Ramzi and killing Halil. Crying out in despair, Ramzi glimpses an apparition in the distance as a Titan crushes him and his brother underfoot.[5]


  • Ramzi shares a birthday with Dirk.