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The Reeves company (リーブス商会 Rībusu Shōkai?) is a merchant organization led by the Reeves family located in Trost District. Currently Flegel Reeves is its leader since the death of his father.


Battle of Trost District arc

Dimo Reeves is threatened by Mikasa

During the evacuation of Trost District, Dimo Reeves blocks the gate into the Wall's interior with his cart, which is too overloaded to go through, and he refuses to abandon his merchandise. A Titan charges towards the evacuating citizens only to be brought down by Mikasa Ackerman. Once she sees what the delay in the evacuation is, she threatens to kill Dimo so that the gate can be used by escaping civilians. Seeing that she is serious, he backs down.[1]

Royal Government arc

Flegel declares himself the new boss of the Reeves Company

The Reeves Company is pressured by the First Interior Squad of the Military Police Brigade into kidnapping Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss, but Levi Ackerman sees that Dimo Reeves cares about the people of Trost now. He convinces him to switch sides and make a deal with the Survey Corps.[2] They prepare to hand over Eren and Historia as part of a ruse for the Survey Corps to track down Rod Reiss, but Captain Kenny Ackerman of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad anticipates the deception and murders Dimo and the other employees present, barring Flegel Reeves who was hiding in the woods. The Reeves Company deaths are blamed on the Survey Corps.[3]

Hange Zoë persuades Flegel to continue helping the Survey Corps, and he tricks the Interior Military Police into publicly confessing that they were the ones who killed Dimo and other members of the Reeves Company. This clears the Survey Corps name and helps turn public perception in favor of the coup. Flegel then declares himself the new boss of the Reeves Company.[4]

Return to Shiganshina arc

The day the Survey Corps departs to reclaim Wall Maria, a soldier reveals the meat they ate the previous night came from the Reeves Company, which is how Flegel and the other citizens of Trost knew to see them off.[5]

War for Paradis arc

With the Survey Corps approval, the Reeves Company was given the responsibility to reconstruct Shiganshina. However at some point, the military forcefully evacuated all citizens from the district leaving Flegel in disarray.[6]