The Reeves family (リーブス家 Rībusu-ke?) is an Eldian family of merchants who live in Trost District.


Battle of Trost District arc

During the battle of Trost, Dimo Reeves tries to get away with his personal estate. Because of the large size of the cargo, the evacuation of the inhabitants is stopped. He refuses to step aside, stating his items worth more than anyone present will ever earn and offers instead a reward to whoever will help him. His blackmail is stopped by Mikasa Ackerman's threats, thus freeing the passage.[1]

The Uprising arc

Levi and Dimo in agreement

Dimo and Levi make a deal

After the battle of Trost, the district is in ruins and impoverished. Dimo Reeves and his company do their best to improve the situation of the town and help the inhabitants. One of the president's ideas is to kidnap Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss to deliver them to the Royal Government. His plan fails thanks to the Special Operations Squad's efforts.[2] Then Dimo Reeves meets Levi and, after negotiations, agrees to partner with the Survey Corps.[3]

Dimo and his son Flegel, now allied with the Survey Corps, attend to a special reunion where they learn the leader of the Survey Corps' plan is to remove King Fritz from his position and put Historia on the throne.[4] When the moment to deliver Eren and Historia to the Military Polcie comes, Dimo and his men are killed by Kenny Ackerman and his squad, having knowing all along the Reeves company would betray them. A terrified Flegel watches the scene, hidden.[5]

Reeves family

Dimo Reeves is mourned by his wife and daughter

Later on, Erwin Smith learns the death of Dimo Reeves and go to see the corpse. In front of a crowd of Trost District inhabitants and Military Police Brigade officers, Erwin recalls the late president's selfish and dangerous behavior during the Trost District battle. His crying daughter asks him if he means her father deserved what happened to him. Erwin does not answer and adds that despite the district's condition after the Titans' passing, Reeves stayed there and did his best to help the inhabitants and assures he will be avenged.[6]

Hange eventually manages to find Flegel, who hid himself since his father's death. He tells Hange what he witnessed.[7] When she urges him to testify, he fearfully refuses, arguing his testimony would be regarded as worthless and that Military Police would likely kill him.

Flegel sits on policeman's head

Flegel promises to protect Trost

Flegel is later seen being chased and trapped by three Military Police officers. As they are about to kill him, Flegel tearfully asks them if the Military Police really killed his father and why. The leader of the officers tells him about the deal between Dimo Reeves and the Military Police Brigade then mocks on the father and son stupidity. Angered by the officer's saying, Flegel insults them back and tell them to look above. The three men are then defeated by Hange and her squad. Several Trost District inhabitants appear, having heard it all and willing to testify Dimo Reeves' murder by the Military Police Brigade and the Survey Corps innocence. When the MP officer threaten the inhabitants, Flegel silences him by sitting on his head and promises to protect them.[8] As a consequence, the Trost inhabitants and Hange congratulate him.




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