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Quote1.png Bloody hell! Did that woman send you here?! To get revenge on me?! Shit! Now her kid's a Warrior?! If they find out where you're from, my family is screwed! You're gonna get me hanged! I'm running the hell away! Away from you and your damn Eldian mother! Quote2.png
— Reiner's father disregards his previous family[1]

Reiner's father (ライナー父 Rainā chichi?)[2] is a Marleyan man who had an illegal relationship with the Eldian woman Karina Braun. He is the estranged father of Reiner Braun.


Reiner Braun's father's appearance is distinctly burly and muscular, standing tall with broad shoulders, giving him an intimidating presence. He has short, wiry hair with a hair line receded to the back of his head, his beard and mustache join up with his sideburns. His facial features are defined, with thin eyebrows and sharp, bright eyes. He looks haggard with lines across his forehead and bags under his eyes.


He is shown to be a desperate and fearful man since he disowns his own son out of fear of getting hung by the Marley government for having an illegal relationship with an Eldian woman.


He met an Eldian woman named Karina Braun while working at the barracks. Even though it was forbidden, they had a secret relationship. Some time later, Karina gave birth to their son, Reiner.

He eventually abandoned his lover and his little son for his own safety. He was also afraid of the safety of his Marleyan family members since the consequences of his actions - his illegal relationship, would result in cruel punishment for him and his family.[1]

He would eventually meet his son in 845. As the boy mentioned his mother, he began to feel uneasy, before screaming and insulting the two Eldians when Reiner spoke about the possibility of having the three of them reunited.[1]


  • Karina Braun - He previously took Karina Braun as his lover, and together they had a child. Despite this, he felt little love for Karina, and now shows disdain towards her, dehumanizing her as an "Eldian devil." He seems to fear Karina, believing that she wishes to take revenge for some previous action, the thought of her revenge causes him to panic, attempting to distance himself from his lover and his son.[1]
  • Reiner Braun - Despite being his biological father, he does not appear to care for Reiner at all. Even with Reiner's dual heritage, his father only sees him as an Eldian devil. He wants nothing to do with him, even when Reiner reaches out to reunite his family. It is possible he is hiding his feelings, due to knowing of the punishment from the law for producing a child with an Eldian.[1]