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This article is about the eleventh chapter of the manga. For the tenth episode of the anime, see Response: The Struggle for Trost, Part 6.

Quote1.png As a soldier, I vowed long ago to dedicate my heart to the recovery of the human race! If my life ends while keeping that vow, I have no complaints! Quote2.png
— Armin defends Eren

Response (応える Kotaeru?) is the 2nd chapter of the 3rd volume and the 11th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


A temporary idea from the technological squad is creating a giant net with harpoon heads over the breach in the Wall to hoard away the Titans is working out for Trost District. While the trainees are briefly away from sudden danger, some regroup to refill their gas, while others scale the Wall. Reiner, with Annie and Jean, hear cannon fire coming from the other side. It is Eren shielding Mikasa and Armin using his Titan shifting ability. Eren plans on finding more about his Titan shifting, and he must go to his father's basement alone in order to do that. While Mikasa protests, Eren announces that he will let Armin make the final decision for them only if Armin can convince the officials that Eren is not a threat. Armin steps forward and tries to convince Weilman, however his reasoning remains ineffective until Commander Pixis steps in, willing to listen to what Armin and his friends have to say.


The technological crew's idea of building a net with harpoon heads sticking out, causing Titans to get stuck to it, has the hole in Wall Rose successfully blocked for the moment. Captain Hannes, overlooking the caught Titans, worries that something might go wrong, stating that they must be able to handle it smoothly.

A soldier under his command, asks about Mikasa, Eren, and Armin. Hannes grimly replies that they are on the front lines, causing the soldier to quickly apologize. Hannes explains that they are tough kids and not to worry about it. He believes that because of their individual talents, they are definitely still alive.

Daz panics at the thought of fighting Titans again

Now over the Wall and safe, Connie explains what has happened to some nearby teammates. Noticing that Mikasa is not around, they ask if she was killed. Jean, replies that it is confidential but does not know how long it will stay a secret. A surviving trainee starts to lose it, remembering how all of his friends were killed. Deciding to end his life on his own terms, he attempts to kill himself only to be stopped by Marco. He tries to use Sasha as an example, but she has started to lose her nerve as well, asking to be counted among the wounded.

Out of nowhere, they hear cannon fire from inside the Walls. Reiner notices what appears to be Titan vapor. He and a small group, including Annie and Jean, scale the Wall to see what has happened. When they reach a nearby rooftop, they are surprised by what they find. It appears to be the upper torso of a Titan, the abdomen is hollow and inside is Armin and Mikasa. They seem to be unharmed.

Eren blocks the shell

The eyes on the head of the torso start to roll back, and Eren again emerges from the back of its neck. However, this time his arm get temporarily stuck in the Titan's flesh and his hand gets slightly burned. Armin, shocked and confused, runs through what he remembers. He remembers hearing the cannon shot, then another noise. Suddenly, the heat from the torso starts to get to him. Mikasa explains that Eren protected them and that is all they needed to know for now. Eren rushes over to them, telling them that they needed to get away from the body as it was going to evaporate. The Garrison, believing him to be a threat, fired the cannons at him at Captain Kitz Weilman's command. Unconsciously, he shielded himself and his friends using the Titan skeleton.

Running out of time, he tells Mikasa and Armin that he is leaving. After remembering the basement in his old house and his father's words that everything would make sense when he saw it, he says that is where he will try to go. Mikasa says that she is going with him, but Eren refuses. As they argue, Armin thinks back on their childhood, all of the times they saved him and regrets that he could not repay them. Armin is snapped back into the conversation when Eren mentions a second option. He says that Armin will decide what happens. If Armin can convince the officials that Eren is not a threat to them, he will stay, putting all of his trust into him. Mikasa agrees, saying that she will trust him as well. Questioning why they have so much faith in him, they explain that they admire his ability to make good calls when things go bad. Realizing that they have never thought of him as unequal, he promises that he will win them over or die trying.

Armin offers up his heart

Rushing out of the cloud of smoke, Armin tells Eren and Mikasa to look as nonthreatening as possible. As he gets closer, he raises his hands to let them know he is not attacking. Armin begins to explain that they will give all the information they have gathered due to this incident. Captain Weilman does not seem interested and accuses them of being Titans that can change into humans and prepares for a second volley. With the situation getting desperate, Armin salutes Weilman and then passionately states that if he is to die, he will do so believing that Eren's ability will be a powerful tool for humanity. A few soldiers around Captain Weilman seemed to be swayed, but again Weilman will not hear any of it. Armin continues his salute as Weilman moves his hand to give the order to fire. Luckily, just before he can finish the order, Commander Dot Pixis shows up and stops him, swayed by Armin's salute and wanting to listen to what they have to say.

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