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The Restoration of the Survey Corps arc is the sixth story arc of the Attack on Titan prequel series, Before the Fall.


Kuklo learns more about the group of trainees who found him unconscious, who all express an interest in his device and also in joining the Survey Corps. Soon after, he reunites with Jorge Pikale who tells Kuklo that plans are being made to train the next generation of soldiers on how to use the device. As preparations get underway, Kuklo is introduced to the newest version of the device that will be used by the soldiers and the trainees. At the same time, a revelation about an upcoming expedition (along with a threat within their own ranks) threaten to end their journey before it even begins!


Cover Number Title Release date
41 Cornerstone of the Corps
 (兵団の礎 Heidan no Ishizue?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 41 CoverAs two Military Police soldiers approach the cottage, the timely arrivals of both Jorge Pikale and the trainees buy Kuklo enough time to escape. Kuklo and Jorge catch up with what the other has been up to since they last saw each other and plans are revealed for the next step of rebuilding the Survey Corps.

Cover Number Title Release date
42 Traveling Skies
 (旅の空 Tabi no Sora?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 42 CoverSharle and Angel leave the Underground City and proceed to journey back to the Industrial City. Unbeknownst to either one, Fuchs manages to pick up their trail and follows them. Xavi learns Sharle's whereabouts and orders Rixner to find out what she was doing in Stohess and to bring him the identity of Angel.

Cover Number Title Release date
43 Wellspring of the Restoration
 (再起の濫觴 Saiki no Ranshō?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 43 CoverThe new three month training regimen for the Survey Corps is established. While Rosa and her friends are taken back by how difficult the training is, Carlo tells his father that he has some reservations as well about some of the trainees.

Cover Number Title Release date
44 Long-Awaited Weapon
 (翹望の戎具 Gyōbō no Jūgu?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 44 CoverKuklo and Cardina note the improved progress of the trainees and they move on to the next phase of training. Eventually, a carriage arrives at the training area carrying both Sharle and Angel. After catching up with the others after fifteen years in exile, Angel goes in depth with the flaws in his device's old design and introduces the newest variation of it, which he dubs 'vertical maneuvering equipment'.

Cover Number Title Release date
45 Wings of the Bulwark
 (干城の翼 Kanjō no Tsubasa?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 45 CoverAfter seeing the vertical maneuvering equipment, the final version of the device, Kuklo goes to test it in the forest. After learning how the device works, he performs a test run and marvels how it is much easier to operate. Impressed as well, both Jorge and Carlo inquire if it is possible to mass-produce it for all members of the Survey Corps; however, Sharle notifies them that she went to Gloria Bernhart of the Military Police and requested that the device be allowed to be properly tested. Gloria agrees but demands proof that it can defeat a Titan; otherwise, the Survey Corps will be permanently disbanded!

Cover Number Title Release date
46 Corps Crossroads
 (岐路の兵団 Kiro no Heidan?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 46 CoverJorge is upset that they have such a limited amount of time but it is later revealed that three months was all the time Gloria was able to give them due to her uncle's desire to dismantle the Survey Corps. Despite also learning that they will not have enough sets of vertical maneuvering equipment produced, they restructure the training regimen so that only the top thirty will get to use the device. As they build the aptitude testing device, Kuklo resolves to go it alone if necessary to bring back proof but Xavi arrives and says he will not.

Cover Number Title Release date
47 Harbinger of Upheaval
 (波瀾の来訪 Haran no Raihō?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 47 CoverSurprised by the sudden appearance of Xavi, Kuklo and Cardina are angry that he was sent by Gloria to monitor the training program. As the training process begins, Rosa, Kai and Felix fail the test, while Ivo and Xavi manage to stay balanced. As the instructors look over the results of the training that day, Sharle goes to Xavi and see why he actually is there.

Cover Number Title Release date
48 The Reason I Fight
 (戦いの理由 Tatakai no Riyū?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 48 CoverSharle goes to see Xavi and while Xavi insists he is there on Gloria's orders, Sharle believes he is there to ensure the Survey Corps fail. Elsewhere, Cardina comes up with a plan for all the trainees to see the vertical maneuvering equipment in action before retaking the aptitude test. The next day, Jorge takes the trainees on a trip to Wall Maria and tells Rosa to find a reason for joining the Corps.

Cover Number Title Release date
49 Beyond the Boundary
 (境界の外 Kyōkai no soto?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 49 CoverMaria Carlstead is informed that the trainees have arrived with Jorge Pikale at the gates of Wall Maria. As they reach the base of the Wall, Carlo Pikale notifies them that they will be going to the top of the Wall to experience what it is like to see Titans face-to-face. Some of them, like Rosa, are nervous about the thought but they all eventually reach the top. Taking in the view of the world outside the Walls, Rosa and the others are soon horrified to see that their enemy, the Titans, look eerily similar to themselves.

Cover Number Title Release date
50 Labyrinth of the Demon's Womb
 (鬼胎の迷宮 Kitai no Meikyū?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 50 CoverAs the recruits continue to look at the Titans in fear, they witness the rapid healing abilities possessed by the Titans when the Garrison fire upon them with cannons. Kuklo and Cardina note that it seems more like the Titans regenerate any damaged areas and that a combined effort by both soldiers and the Garrison most likely would fail. After the recruits return to the training area, a good number of them start to withdraw their applications and by the time the next batch of vertical maneuvering equipment arrives, there are only 17 remaining.

Cover Number Title Release date
51 Vast Silhouette's Fetters
 (巨影の枷鎖 Kyoei no Kasa?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 51 CoverThe remaining trainees are shown the vertical maneuvering equipment and are introduced to Angel and Sharle, the designers of it. The three trainees in the primary group practice using it and are surprised by how fast it is; later that night, Rosa continues to question herself as to the real reason why she wants to join the Survey Corps.

Cover Number Title Release date
52 Genesis of the Wings of Hope
 (冀望の原点 Kibō no Genten?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 52 CoverAfter Xavi notes that the number of trainees has dropped, Carlo informs him the remaining number will be ready. Kuklo and Cardina notify Carlo of their thoughts and are told they must see how the trainees handle fear. Elsewhere, Rosa formally meets with Sharle and after talking, the two realize they are more similar to each other than they thought.

Cover Number Title Release date
53 Setback at the Initiation
 (経始の躓石 Keishi no Shiseki?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 53 CoverRosa and Kai manage to pass the secondary aptitude test while Felix does not. As Rosa apologizes to her friends for her recent behavior, Kuklo and Cardina are glad the group's morale has improved to where it previously was. Later, they discover that the next batch of vertical maneuvering equipment will be the last, along with Rosa's natural talent with using the gear. However, while practicing with a Titan dummy, it is discovered that Rosa's gear has been sabotaged by an unknown party.

Cover Number Title Release date
54 In the Thick of Paranoia
 (暗鬼の杜 Anki no Mori?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 54 CoverAs Carlo suspends the training exercises after Rosa is injured due to her equipment being sabotaged, many wonder who could be responsible. Suspicion falls upon Xavi, due to being part of the Military Police, yet Kuklo and Jorge surprisingly believe him to be innocent. If not Xavi, who could have been responsible and will they strike again?

Cover Number Title Release date
55 Box of Delusions
 (虚妄の匣 Kyomō no Hako?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 55 CoverAfter Kai, Hugo, Ivo and Felix agree to meet up at the maintenance area after training, they are surprised to see Rosa up and about again so soon; after a misunderstanding, they follow her and participate in the day's training. Later, they meet up and eventually do spot movement inside the facility. After getting spotted by Kuklo, they all go towards the maintenance area and are alerted that someone is inside. They respond, only to find a familiar face waiting for them inside!

Cover Number Title Release date
56 Illumination in the Dead of Night
 (夜陰の明徴 Yain no Meichō?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 56 CoverXavi reveals the true culprits behind the recent equipment sabotage which turns out to be the group that heckled Rosa early on in the training program. Carlo calls a meeting to discuss this latest discovery. Jorge concludes it was done out of jealousy that the other trainees felt toward the specialized training group. Later at night, in the guardhouse, Felix reveals to the other trainees his distress when he had failed the first two tests, as an explanation for the sabotage. Meanwhile, Kuklo goes and properly thanks Xavi and Fuchs for their efforts. Xavi flatly states it will not happen again and that now, Kuklo is in debt to Xavi and will owe him a favor in return.


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