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This article is about the seventh arc of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime arc, see Return to Shiganshina arc (Anime).

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Return to Shiganshina arc is the seventh story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


There is peace again within the Walls, and the Survey Corps prepare for a new expedition to Shiganshina. Thanks to Hange's new weapon, the hopes to retake the lost territory once and for all are stronger than ever. But at their old home, known and powerful enemies are awaiting and a fierce battle is coming.


Cover Number Title Release date
71 Bystander
 (傍観者 Bōkansha?)
July 9, 2015
Chapter 71 Cover.pngInstructor Keith Shadis tells Eren, Hange and Squad Levi everything he knows about Eren's father, Grisha Yeager. About twenty years ago, Grisha was found wandering outside Wall Maria with amnesia, and Keith, a member of the Survey Corps at the time, took him in and introduced him to the life within the Walls. Grisha got a job as a doctor and some time later saved Shiganshina from a plague, including Carla. They fell in love and eventually married. Keith became the commander of the Survey Corps, but continued suffering great losses and had a discussion with Carla about it, during which he met her baby, Eren. After years of disastrous expeditions, Keith resigned in favor of Erwin. On that day, Wall Maria fell, and Keith found Grisha among the fleeing crowd. After finding Eren and learning of Carla's death, Grisha led his son to the forest while Keith waited outside. Seeing the lightning of Eren's Titan transformation, Keith entered the forest and found Eren unconscious with no trace of Grisha, so he took him back to the shelter and left. Back in the present, Keith tells Eren about Carla's last words to him, and remembers the time when he sabotaged Eren's vertical maneuvering equipment balancing test to prevent him from joining the military and save his life, but changed his mind after witnessing Eren's immense will.

Cover Number Title Release date
72 Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall
 (奪還作戦の夜 Dakkan Sakusen no Yoru?)
August 9, 2015
Chapter 72 Cover.pngWith the revelations involving Grisha Yeager brought to light, new questions are raised about what lies in Eren's basement in Shiganshina District, and preparations are made for the next expedition beyond the Walls. Meanwhile, as the Survey Corps celebrates the upcoming expedition to retake Wall Maria. After Connie subdues a meat crazed Sasha, Eren and Jean once again come to blows, causing Levi to break up their fight. As they prepare for the expedition, Eren and Armin make plans to see everything the outside world has to offer after they retake Wall Maria and discover the secrets hidden in Eren's basement. As the Survey Corps begins their expedition to retake the Wall, Bertolt and Reiner lie in wait in Shiganshina for the arrival of Eren and the Survey Corps.

Cover Number Title Release date
73 The Town Where Everything Began
 (はじまりの街 Hajimari no Machi?)
September 9, 2015
Chapter 73 Cover.pngThe Survey Corps walk within a forest near dawn on their way to the Shiganshina District. Thanks to the darkness, they are able to evade the Titans that move under the moonlight. Eren thinks on the responsibility that he has on his shoulders, because if he succeeds in the operation, humanity will regain their hope on living. But, if he fails, everyone's hopes are doomed. He finds that he is afraid and shaking at these thoughts, but after talking to Armin about how his book gave him the desire to see the outside world, he regains his confidence. They soon reach Shiganshina and quickly switch to vertical maneuvering equipment before flying towards the Wall as the sun is starting to rise. Knowing that their enemies are aware of their intentions to use Eren to plug the hole and find Grisha's basement, Erwin orders 100 Survey Corps soldiers to fly around the hole with their faces hidden in order to confuse their enemies. As Eren looks nostalgically at the ruins of his hometown, Armin finds the remains of a camp fire and warns the commander that Reiner and Bertolt are nearby. While Hange notices that there are strangely few Titans around, Levi presumes that they are playing into the enemies' hands, but they choose to continue the operation. As Eren jumps above the hole in Wall Maria, Bertolt and Reiner await in unknown locations for the attack to begin.

Cover Number Title Release date
74 Mission Objectives
 (作戦成功条件 Sakusen Seikō Jōken?)
October 9, 2015
Chapter 74 Cover.pngEren succeeds in sealing the hole in Wall Maria with his Titan powers, but it seems everything was too easy. Levi reminds him that their enemies can breach the Wall again at any time, so until they find and kill them, the mission is not over. Armin finds traces of a campsite and three empty mugs of some black liquid similar to tea nearby not long ago, and Erwin leaves him in charge of the Survey Corps to direct their search mission. Under Armin's orders, the Survey Corps search all over the district until Armin eventually leads them to search inside the Walls, thinking that it may be their most plausible hideout. Armin's hunch is correct and they find Reiner, who quickly kills the soldier who located the hollow spot within the Wall where he hid. Levi attacks and cuts Reiner's nape and chest, but fails to kill him and the latter transforms into the Armored Titan, though still laying on the ground and appearing to be fazed by his injuries. The Beast Titan then appears leading an army of Titans, and launches a rock aimed at the inner gate of Shiganshina, blocking the only entrance and trapping the Survey Corps inside the district without their horses. Planning to kill or be killed, Erwin and the corps ready themselves for an all out battle, as the Armored Titan rises and the Beast Titan and his army approach.

Cover Number Title Release date
75 War on Two Fronts
 (二つの戦局 Futatsu no Senkyoku?)
November 9, 2015
Chapter 75 Cover.pngAs the Beast Titan and his forces begin their attack, the Survey Corps finds itself trapped atop Wall Maria with no way to retreat. Amid the chaos, it is revealed that Reiner and Bertolt may not be the only intelligent Titans among the Beast Titan's army, and the Corps is backed into a corner by the Beast Titan's attack strategy. While Reiner targets the Corps' horses in an attempt to take away their only means of retreat, Erwin devises a plan to save the Corps from the Beast Titan's strategy by using Eren as bait to force their enemies to choose to either pursue and attempt to capture Eren, or risk losing their only chance to capture him in favor of massacring the Survey Corps. Taking the bait, Reiner pursues Eren, and the two engage each other in the middle of Shiganshina District. As Eren releases all of his frustrations upon Reiner, the soldiers of the Survey Corps prepare to join in the battle with their new and improved weapons.

Cover Number Title Release date
76 The Thunder Spears
 (雷槍 Raisō?)
December 9, 2015
Chapter 76 Cover.pngWhile Levi tries to protect and coordinate the new Survey Corps recruits, Erwin finds himself tempted to abandon his soldiers in order to reach Eren's basement and finally discover the secret to the world that his father had once tried to find. On the ground, Eren and Reiner continue to face off, with Eren employing his new hardening abilities to effectively fight Reiner. Realizing that he cannot hope to beat Eren on his own, Reiner prepares to take a different approach to kidnapping Eren, but is blindsided by Hange's squad, and crippled by their new weapon, the Thunder Spears. Blinded and unable to fight back, Reiner is powerless to stop Hange's squad from using their spears to destroy his nape, and is engulfed by the explosion caused by their weapons.

Cover Number Title Release date
77 The World They Saw
 (彼らが見た世界 Karera ga Mita Sekai?)
January 9, 2016
Chapter 77 Cover.pngBertolt thinks back to when he, Reiner, and Annie were trainees during the recovery of Trost District. He and Reiner contemplate what to do about the situation. Thinking they are alone, Reiner lets it slip that they have the power of the Titans when complaining about the military trying to plug the hole Bertolt made. Appearing behind them, Marco claims to overhear their conversation. Reiner assures him it was just a joke, but as Marco leaves to help with the recovery, he is tackled by Reiner. Shortly after, Annie appears and Reiner orders her to remove Marco's equipment. The three leave Marco behind in tears and watch in horror as he is eaten by a Titan.

Reiner recalls much later when Warchief Zeke, the Beast Titan, explained to his subordinates that Annie was probably fine. Threatening them, he reminds them of their one goal, to regain the Coordinate and stop this "cursed history." After confirming that the Survey Corps are on their way, the three get into position. Reiner reminds Bertolt to think and act for himself, because he will not be there to tell him what to do. During the battle, Bertolt waits impatiently for Reiner's signal unaware that the soldiers believe they have killed Reiner by blowing his head off. However, his Titan lets out a massive roar, signaling Zeke and Bertolt. Zeke then picks up the barrel containing Bertolt from off the quadrupedal Titan and throws it above the town. The soldiers watch in terror as they wait for the Colossus Titan to burst out and lay waste to Shiganshina.

Cover Number Title Release date
78 Descent
 (光臨 Kōrin?)
February 9, 2016
Chapter 78 Cover.pngAs the soldiers of the Survey Corps attempt to escape the immediate area where Bertolt's Colossus Titan form will land, Erwin laments that the Corps has been outsmarted. However, Bertolt aborts his attack in order to tend to Reiner's mangled body. Seeing this as the last chance to negotiate, Armin intercepts Bertolt and attempts to talk things out with him, but Bertolt is resolute in his belief that humanity must be destroyed. After a short battle with Mikasa, Bertolt quickly retreats, and is pursued by Hange and their squad.

As the Corps' soldiers move to kill Reiner, they are shocked to see that his Titan form has positioned itself so that they cannot reach his human form. It is at this moment that Bertolt transforms into his Colossus Titan form, with the resulting blast engulfing Hange's squad. With all of their comrades seemingly killed, Squad Levi is left to face Bertolt alone.

Cover Number Title Release date
79 Perfect Game
 (完全試合 (パーフェクトゲーム)  Pāfekuto Gēmu?)
March 9, 2016
Chapter 79 Cover.pngHaving recently transformed, Bertolt begins to decimate Shiganshina, destroying and lighting ablaze all nearby structures. With no idea what to do, Connie and Sasha ask Armin for orders. Rattled from his earlier encounter with Bertolt, Armin asks Jean to take command. Jean devises a plan, but makes it clear that he is still counting on Armin to devise a solution to their ultimate problem.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Wall, Levi surveys the situation. With nothing but smaller Titans left, Squads Dirk, Marlene, and Klaus go to finish them off to give Levi a chance to rest. Not long after, with the help of the quadrupedal Titan, Zeke begins throwing rocks at the Survey Corps. Levi orders those near the horses to retreat, while Erwin informs them of their dire circumstances.

On the other side of the Wall, Jean orders Eren to yell in order to get Bertolt's attention. It works, but he intentionally ignores them. So, with no other option, Mikasa takes Connie's Thunder Spears, and tells the others to distract Bertolt. Jean orders Armin to stay back and observe, while trying to encourage him to have hope. As the others go off on their separate tasks, Eren races towards Bertolt's leg, trying to hold him back. For a moment, it seems like he has got him, until Bertolt pulls his leg back and flings Eren into the Wall. The others stare in shock at an incapacitated Eren.

Cover Number Title Release date
80 The Nameless Soldiers
 (名も無き兵士 Na mo Naki Heishi?)
April 9, 2016
Chapter 80 Cover.pngThe Survey Corps watch in shock as the motionless body of Eren's Titan is stranded atop Wall Maria, wondering if he is still alive, but they avert their attention from Eren and focus on the Colossus Titan who continues to approach the Wall. Jean orders his comrades to draw his attention while Mikasa shoots Thunder Spears into the Titan's nape, but Bertolt easily sees through their scheme and releases a burst of hot steam, deflecting the Thunder Spears and burning the Special Operations Squad. Armin goes to help a wounded Mikasa and admits that he still does not have any plan to save them from their predicament. A loud explosion occurs shortly after and the soldiers watch in horror as a fully recovered Armored Titan stands up, ready to rejoin the fight.

On the inner part of the Wall, Levi urges Erwin to order the retreat and save the few survivors, but Erwin reveals that he still has a strategy to defeat Zeke, though at the cost of his and the new recruits' lives. He admits that the only thing that stops him is his desire to live long enough to see the basement, but Levi prompts him to forget his dreams and sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Erwin leads the recruits into a direct suicide attack against Zeke to serve as decoys while Levi sneaks through the surrounding horde of Titans, using them as trees to maneuver with his equipment as he approaches Zeke in order to land a surprise attack. Erwin and his troops continue riding towards the enemy, using signal flares to obstruct his aim. As Zeke launches a barrage of rocks towards them, Erwin and all the soldiers are struck by the debris.

Cover Number Title Release date
81 Promise
 (約束 Yakusoku?)
May 9, 2016
Chapter 81 Cover.pngErwin is taken down by a rock flying through his side, but the recruits push on and are attacked by a second barrage. Zeke expresses what a shame it is that they continue to die and make mistakes due to King Reiss wiping their memories. As the soldiers are killed, Zeke rejoices in victory before noticing all the Titans to his right had fallen. A hook is shot into his shoulder and Levi attacks him, ripping apart both his arms, feet, and eyes before cutting Zeke out of his Titan's nape. Levi interrogates Zeke and shoves his blade into his mouth and out of his eye. Levi ponders if he can find one person alive so that they may take the Titan injection and eat Zeke. However, he is interrupted when the quadrupedal Titan steals Zeke away in its mouth. Zeke orders his Titans to kill Levi and proclaims victory while Levi, determined to fulfill his promise to Erwin, begins to attack the Titans and chase after Zeke. Far back, one soldier is seen alive among the bodies and looks for survivors. On the other side of the Wall, Armin realizes that they can kill Bertolt in a drawn-out fight and orders Jean and Mikasa to distract Reiner while Eren and himself attack Bertolt. Everyone scatters and Armin flies up to Eren and shoves his blade into his chest, waking him and telling him they are going to see the ocean together.

Cover Number Title Release date
82 Hero
 (勇者 Yūsha?)
June 9, 2016
Chapter 82 Cover.pngWith Eren finally awake, Armin concludes their discussion of a plan to defeat the Colossus Titan. In the city below, Jean, Mikasa, Sasha, and Connie plan to defeat the Armored Titan, but Reiner flees. Mikasa cripples him with her Thunder Spear, and the others start the attack. Reiner is dazed, having lost his memory of everything after his farewell to Bertolt. Bertolt laments at his failure to kill the recruits and wonders what Armin is planning.

Before executing their plan, Armin reminds Eren of their promise to see the ocean. Eren pretends to fall to the ground in defeat while Armin jumps to the Colossus Titan. Mikasa and the recruits continue their attack on Reiner, and Sasha is injured. Armin manages to grapple onto the Colossus Titan's teeth, causing Bertolt to send out great amounts of steam. Seeing Armin's perseverance, Bertolt increases the power of his attack to kill Armin quickly. As Armin is burned alive, he remarks that Eren must see the ocean in his stead.

As the plan to defeat Reiner is on the verge of failure, Hange returns to assist as Mikasa lands the final blow to Reiner, sending him flying out of the Armored Titan's nape. As Bertolt inspects Eren's fallen Titan form, he realizes that it is only a hardened shell. With his vertical maneuvering equipment, Eren strikes at the Colossus Titan's nape, pulling Bertolt out. He lands on the roofs next to Armin's corpse, noting that Armin was the bravest of his comrades.

Cover Number Title Release date
83 Cleaver
 (大鉈 Ōnata?)
July 9, 2016
Chapter 83 Cover.pngAs Eren mourns for his deceased friend Armin, he is confronted by Zeke. Zeke recognizes Eren, attempting to tell him about his father Grisha brainwashing him, but is interrupted by the arrival of Levi Ackerman. Before he leaves, however, Zeke promises to rescue Eren. As Eren prepares to give Levi his gas tanks, he hears Armin cough.

Hange attempts to interrogate a captive Reiner, but when they are unable to get any meaningful information from him, Hange attempts to behead him but is then stopped when Jean suggests taking his Titan power from him. Unconvinced that the Titan injection should be used yet, Hange tells Mikasa to check on Eren and Armin, and to alert them if Reiner should be killed. However, shortly afterward Zeke and the Quadrupedal Titan appear and rescue Reiner, nearly killing Hange.

As Eren frantically tries to keep Armin alive, he begs Levi to save Armin's life with the Titan serum. Levi agrees, but is stopped by the arrival of the surviving Survey Corps recruit who is carrying Erwin's near-lifeless body. Seeing that Erwin is still alive, Levi announces that he has changed his mind, and will instead use the serum to save Erwin. The others object to this and turn on Levi while Zeke watches from atop Wall Maria with Reiner.

Cover Number Title Release date
84 Midnight Sun
 (白夜 Byakuya?)
August 9, 2016
Chapter 84 Cover.pngAs Armin and Erwin lay dying, Levi argues with Eren and Mikasa over who should be given the serum to be revived. When things become aggressive, Eren argues that Armin has done more for humanity in the course of the battle than Erwin. Floch, the surviving recruit, believes that Erwin deserves the second chance. Before further conflict can ensue, Hange, Jean, Connie, and Sasha arrive. Hange holds Mikasa back and comforts her, sharing sympathy with her situation.

When Levi is ready to inject Erwin, Eren reveals Armin's dream to see the ocean. Levi orders everyone to leave. He remembers overhearing Armin's enthusiasm over seeing the ocean, and recalls Kenny Ackerman's final words about people clinging to their dreams. Erwin, in a moment of exhaustion, raises his hand on reflex and away from the needle, to ask his father back in the classroom about investigating the truth. Levi makes his choice.

Bertolt Hoover awakens as Armin's pure Titan form is generated. He cries out in fear begging his former comrades to save him as he is taken and eaten alive while the others watch. Levi explains his choice to his comrades, believing that Erwin deserves his long rest. Hange confirms that Erwin Smith is dead, and the recruits gather around as Armin Arlert emerges from his Titan alive and well, now possessing the power of the Colossus Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
85 The Basement
 (地下室 Chikashitsu?)
September 9, 2016
Chapter 85 Cover.pngArmin awakens from a dream of the Colossus Titan, and Eren informs him of the Survey Corps' situation. Armin is shocked at the news that he received the Titan serum instead of Erwin and that he had eaten Bertolt. Levi explains the circumstances which led Armin to receiving the serum, and Hange informs him of his new responsibilities in taking the place of Erwin's life; as well as their own as the new commander. With the news given, Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Hange make their way to Eren's old home while the others stand guard.

Arriving at the wreckage of their home, they clear a path to the basement, but discover that Eren's key is not to the basement door. Levi breaks the door down, and the four find what appears to be a normal doctor's office. At Grisha Yeager's desk, Mikasa discovers a locked drawer. Eren uses the key, and they discover three well-preserved books.

At Trost District, Commander Nile Dok recalls making fun of Erwin's questioning of the history books about the no existence of humans beyond the Walls, and Commander-in-Chief Zackly suggests Nile should apologize for his doubts to Erwin in person. They are then told that the Survey Corps has returned as the nine surviving members arrive at Trost.

In the basement, the four come across an incredibly lifelike image of Grisha with another family. On the back a note is written, identifying the image as a photograph and revealing that humanity lives beyond the Walls in luxury, having never truly gone extinct.

Cover Number Title Release date
86 That Day
 (あの日 Ano Hi?)
October 8, 2016
Chapter 86 Cover.pngIn one of Grisha Yeager's books, he recounts his childhood and young adulthood beyond the Walls.

Decades ago, Grisha and his sister Faye wandered outside of their internment zone unauthorized, and they were caught by soldiers of Marley. Grisha was punished, and Faye was guided home. However, she was found dead the next day. The military explained the situation to Grisha's parents, who submissively accepted the tragedy, while Grisha realized the fault of his actions. At the Marleyan military's orders, Grisha's father explained their history to Grisha, telling him of Ymir Fritz, the rise and fall of the nation of Eldia, and the Yeager family's place as Eldians forced to live in ghettos. Grisha realized that the Marleyans were lying about Faye's fate, but his father silenced him.

When Grisha was eighteen, he learned of his sister's fate and joined the Eldian Restorationists, who desired to retrieve the Founding Titan and restore their nation. Grisha met Dina Fritz at this time, and they married the following year and had a son named Zeke.

Several years later, the Marleyan government announced a program to train Titan Warriors from Eldian children with the promise of liberating families who offer their children to the cause. Seeing the opportunity to reclaim the Founding Titan with their child's royal blood, Grisha sent Zeke into the Warriors hoping to make him into a double agent. However, when Zeke turned seven, he handed his parents and the Eldian Restorationists over to the Marleyans, who sent them all to Paradis Island to wander outside the Walls as Pure Titans.

Cover Number Title Release date
87 Borderline
 (境界線 Kyōkaisen?)
November 8, 2016
Chapter 87 Cover.pngIn his journals, Grisha continues to explain his past.

After Zeke exposed the Eldian Restorationists, Grisha and the others were subjected to torture by Marley officers in order to reveal the identity of "The Owl." But when the officers got nothing, the group was sent to the borderline of Paradis Island to be transformed into Pure Titans as sentence for treason. On top of the Wall, Grisha recognized Kruger and reunited with Grice, who blamed Grisha for Zeke's betrayal. Annoyed by Grice's outburst, Sergeant Major Gross threw him to the sand dunes below. Grisha recognized Gross as the official who killed his sister 15 years ago, and several Restorationists were kicked off the wall and transformed into Titans, which then began chasing Grice. Grisha saw Dina being brought next to him to be transformed. He tried to protect her by shouting that she had royal blood and therefore was important to Marley, but he was silenced by Kruger, and Grisha noticed he was covering up that fact. Dina was injected and transformed into a Titan.

Eren wakes up screaming in a cell. Not remembering where he is, Armin reminds him that he and Mikasa are serving punishment for violating military law. Having connected to his father's memories after reading the books, Eren is disturbed by the notion that the Titan who ate his mother was Dina.

In Grisha's past, Dina's Titan went after Grice like the other Titans. Grisha reproached Gross for this and for his sister's murder, and Gross recognized Grisha as well and decided to transform another Restorationist into a Titan and have fun by making Grisha fight him. As the Restorationist was transformed, Grisha questioned Gross about the reason of his cruelty, and he explained that he considered Eldians alike to rats and wished for them to be eliminated from the world. Grisha complained that the story spread by Marley was false, but Gross did not listen and tried to throw him from the Wall. However, Kruger threw Gross instead, and as Gross was eaten by the Titan, Kruger revealed himself as the Owl. Kruger asked Grisha to pay attention as he injured his own hand, triggering a transformation into Titan and destroying the Marleyans' ship.

Cover Number Title Release date
88 The Attack Titan
 (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin?)
December 8, 2016
Chapter 88 Cover.pngAfter "The Owl's" Titan slaughtered the Marleyan soldiers and scattered their remains into the ocean, he left the Titan and ascended the Wall to Grisha. The Owl formally introduced himself to Grisha as Eren Kruger, an Eldian and inheritor of one of the Nine Titans. Kruger congratulated Grisha on his near success in the Eldian Restorationists, despite its failure, and Grisha became angry that he was the only one spared. As Kruger grew weaker, he explained that he wants Grisha to carry on with his plan. He said that Grisha possessed a hatred of Marley that he too felt when his father and an Eldian resistance army were killed. Kruger told Grisha of his plan to take the Founding Titan from the Walls. When Grisha asked why Kruger did not do it himself, Kruger explained that due to the "Curse of Ymir," all inheritors of the Nine Titans die in 13 years, and his time has run out.

In his jail cell, Eren Yeager recounts his memories to Armin, who records them. Along with Kruger's words, Eren speaks of "paths" invisible to the eyes which connect all Subjects of Ymir and create the bodies of Titans. Eren recalls Kruger telling Grisha of the same fact: that all invisible "paths" coordinate at the Founding Titan. At this news, Grisha wondered what the truth of Eldia's history is. Kruger told him that Ymir Fritz gained the power of the Titans after finding the "source of all organic material," and that other legends were falsehoods from either side. Grisha wondered if Dina's royalty was false, but Kruger assured him that it was true.

When Grisha admitted that he did not feel the hatred against Marley that he used to, Kruger assured him that his actions were what gave Eldia the chance to reclaim the Founding Titan in the first place. Kruger gave Grisha his old family photograph before passing on his Titan power, which Kruger revealed is named the "Attack Titan."

Cover Number Title Release date
89 Meeting
 (会議 Kaigi?)
January 6, 2017
Chapter 89 Cover.pngAfter Eren and Mikasa are freed from their jail sentence, they visit Queen Historia, who reads Ymir's letter to herself in which Ymir reveals her past as an Eldian beggar who became a figure of worship in a cult. Together, they all attend a military meeting in which Commander Hange Zoë reveals all of the findings from Grisha Yeager's basement.

During the meeting, Eren remembers his father's memories of when Kruger told Grisha of the true nature of the Founding Titan and how King Fritz ended the war by making a vow with the Founding Titan. Hange connects this vow to the ideology of the King which consumed the Reiss family successors, but reminds the meeting that Eren was able to use the Founding Titan in the past. Eren realizes this was because he was striking the hand of Dina Fritz's Titan, a member of the royal family, but he stays quiet fearing for Historia's safety.

In Eren's memories, he sees Kruger preparing to inject Grisha with a Titan serum, telling him to find love within the Walls and to complete his mission for the sake of Armin and Mikasa. Grisha did not know who these names belonged to, and neither did Kruger.

Cover Number Title Release date
90 To the Other Side of the Wall
 (壁の向こう側へ Kabe no Mukougawa e?)
February 9, 2017
Chapter 90 Cover.pngAt the military meeting, officers of the Military Police Brigade mention the inevitable social chaos that will erupt if the truths of the basement become known, though Pixis believes spreading the truth is a necessity. Historia sides with Pixis, and the meeting concludes. Later, Hange and Levi speak with Roy and Peaure of the Berg Newspapers about the mixed public response to the new information. While Roy is proud of the Survey Corps' accomplishments, he is afraid of the implications the basement's information brings.

Later, Hitch meets with the 104th recruits in the Survey Corps and learns of Marlowe's death from Floch. He argues with the others about the decision to save Armin over Erwin, and the situation grows tense. Armin sides with Floch, but Eren insists that no one can know what would have been better and reminds Armin of the freedom they seek beyond Wall Maria. Shortly afterward, Historia hosts a ceremony for the survivors of the battle of Shiganshina District, and Eren sees a memory of his father in the Reiss Chapel when he touches Historia's hand.

That winter, the Executioner from Hell was used to eliminate all the Titans in Wall Maria, confirmed in the last weeks of the season. By springtime, transport beyond Trost District was made possible through elevators along the Wall. Finally, one year after the battle of Trost District, Shiganshina was repopulated and the Survey Corps set out beyond Wall Maria for the first time in six years. Following the trail of a Titan dragging itself on the ground, they reach the borderline of Paradis Island and come to the ocean. As the others play in the water, Eren contemplates the freedom they will achieve when they kill their enemies across the sea.