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Marley's revenge for Liberio (レベリオの雪辱 Reberio no Setsujoku?)[1] was a counterattack launched by the Marleyan military and Warriors against Paradis Island in retaliation for Eren Jaeger's raid on Liberio.


Delayed preparations for the Rumbling

With the Founding Titan in Eren Jaeger's possession and Zeke Jaeger acting as a Titan of royal blood, Paradis Island acquired full potential use for the Founding Titan to awaken the Titans within the Walls and begin the "earth-rumbling" whenever necessary as deterrence against foreign invaders. News of Eldia victory in Liberio was quickly announced to the public, leading to much rejoicing among the civilians with particular praise going to Eren. Funerals were held for the nine Scouts who died in the raid on Liberio, and captives Gabi Braun and Falco Grice were made into prisoners of war, though they would quickly escape from their captivity to wander the southwestern territory of Wall Rose.

After providing the Paradis military with a large supply of Titan injections stolen from Marley, Commander Dot Pyxis reluctantly placed the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers under collective house arrest due to a distrust of the group - particularly regarding Zeke and Yelena. Meanwhile, Zeke remained under Captain Levi Ackermann's supervision along with a group of thirty other Scouts in a Forest of Giant Trees.

Eren's insubordinate behavior before and during the raid on Liberio was a cause for significant tension in the Paradis military. As punishment for insubordination, Eren was confined to indefinite underground imprisonment, though Eren claimed openly that his newly acquired abilities from the War Hammer Titan could allow for him to escape whenever he wanted. While Eren remained imprisoned, Yelena would covertly have wine laced with Zeke's spinal fluid sent from Marley to Paradis and dispersed to high-ranking military officials.

After escaping into the wilderness, Gabi and Falco were taken in by the Braus family in Dauper village where they posed as runaway children named "Mia" and "Ben." Despite their facade, adopted Blouse daughter Kaya overheard conversations identifying them as Marleyan Warriors, though she kept their true nature a secret. Wanting to help them, Kaya offered to take them with her family to a restaurant staffed by a fellow Marleyan who could help them return home.

Global hostility against Eldia

As Willy Tybur had hoped and planned for, the deaths of countless ambassadors present in Liberio during the raid led to many nations to see Paradis Island as a genuine threat. The major nations pledged support to Marley, forming a global military alliance that was preparing to conduct a scorched-earth operation against Paradis within six months. Despite the international support, Reiner Braun felt that Zeke would not remain idle and knew that the Marleyan army would not strike back suddenly, but take their time to consolidate their forces. Reiner then proposed they strike immediately against Paradis with a surprise attack.

Despite increased global tensions against Paradis, the alliance between Eldia and Hizuru remained steadfast. Hizuru's research into previously acquired Iceburst stone from Paradis culminated in a flying boat which would be used by Kiyomi Azumabito and her fellow ambassadors from Hizuru to witness the Rumbling in action from a safe vantage.

Rise of the Jaegerists

Against the wishes of the Paradis military, several Scouts leaked information of the imprisonment of Eren and the volunteers to the public, causing a significant amount of outrage in the civilian and military population alike. Opponents of Eren's imprisonment criticized the military's secretive nature against the public where they had once been proponents of full disclosure. The information leaks were traced back to Scouts Floch Forster, Louise, Holger, and Wim, of whom Floch expressed their collective belief that Eren should rule Eldia as the Founding Titan and bring their nation to new glory. Unrepentant of their actions, all four were then jailed for insubordination.

While public tensions rose, Pyxis began interrogation of Anti-Marleyan Volunteer Yelena for suspected collaboration with Eren before his departure into Marley ten months prior. She expressed her motives as being an admiration for Eren and Zeke, claiming to want Eren to pursue his ambitions freely without the restraint of military authority. Pyxis was unconvinced by her case and continued to press for the truth of her motives. Meanwhile, Scout Commander Hange Zoë meets with the benevolent Anti-Marleyan Volunteer Onyankopon, from whom they learned that Yelena's motives remained a mystery even to her fellow Volunteers.

Due to Eren's insubordination, the highest authorities of the Paradis military arranged plans for him to be fed to a Titan to whom his Titan powers would be passed, believing Eren to be working with Zeke against Eldia's best interests. This information eventually spread to Eren's followers who then began conspiring to overthrow military authority in order for Eren to seize control of Paradis. These followers, who would gain the public moniker of "the Jaegerists," began by bombing Premier Dhalis Zachary by hiding explosives in his custom-made torture chair which he kept in his office. Zachary's death was well-received by the public, who eagerly awaited Eren's rise to power.

Meanwhile, Pieck would further infiltrate the island while gathering intel.

Around the time of (or shortly after) Premier Zachary's death, Eren made use of his newly acquired War Hammer Titan powers to escape from his underground imprisonment along with at least one hundred of his followers. Upon his escape, Eren and the Jaegerists began preparations to reunite with Zeke. Anticipating this reunion, the Paradis military ensured the security of Zeke as well as Queen Historia Reiss, who could act as a successor to Zeke as a Titan of royal blood. Recognizing the ability of the Jaegerists to hide within plain sight among them, Commander Pyxis proposed a full surrender to the Jaegerists in order to negotiate Zeke's location and plan Rumbling experiments to prevent further loss of Eldian life through prolonged rebellion.

With further suspicions as to what the ultimate long-term plan of the Jaegerists could be, Commander Hange proposed further investigation into the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, this time turning to Nicolo who had worked at a restaurant. Arriving at the same time as the Braus family, Gabi and Falco met with Nicolo and explained their situation. Recognizing Gabi as the girl who murdered Sasha Braus, Nicolo fell into a rage and attempted to strike her with a wine bottle laced with Zeke's spinal fluid; however, Falco shielded her from the blow and ended up ingesting the fluid himself. In his panic, Nicolo revealed to the Scouts present the truth of the laced wine.

While the soldiers attempted to rinse Falco's mouth and body of the spinal fluid, the Jaegerists led by Eren arrived at the restaurant following a tip provided by Greiz, a Marleyan POW and an Anti-Marleyan Volunteer. The Jaegerists detained all present members of the Scout Regiment while elsewhere taking the members of the Paradis military who drank Zeke's spinal fluid into their captivity. After a private conversation between Eren, Mikasa, and Armin where Eren rejected his friendship with the two, the Jaegerists left for Shiganshina District to rendezvous with Zeke.

News of the Jaegerists' control over Paradis Island was sent to Captain Levi. Rejecting Pyxis's proposal of negotiations concerning Zeke, Levi prepared to capture a Jaegerist and have them eat Zeke to deny the Jaegerists of their goal. However, Zeke instead seized the opportunity to attempt an escape. With a scream, Zeke transformed the thirty soldiers with Levi who had drunk the laced wine into Titans, taking a small escort with him out of the forest while the rest attacked Levi. Zeke's Titans were quickly killed by Levi, forcing Zeke into his Beast Titan form to defend himself. Using tree branches as distraction, Levi struck Zeke's hardened nape with several Thunder Spears, dismembering him and taking him captive once more.

Placing a Thunder Spear into Zeke's abdomen, Zeke was forced to remain motionless lest he detonate the spear and kill himself. In a desperate move, Zeke detonated the spear regardless, nearly killing himself and critically injuring Levi. However, a single surviving Titan approached Zeke's body and placed it in its abdomen where by unexplained means Zeke's body slowly recovered itself.

Arriving in Shiganshina District, the captives of the Jaegerists were confined to cells beneath the district's military headquarters. Shortly afterward, group of the Yeagerists led by Floch along with a captive Hange confronted the 109th Cadet Corps and Instructor Keith Sadies. Seeking further support for Eren's cause, Floch urged the cadets to reject the authorities of the military and follow Eren as their true leader. Support for Eren was overwhelming, and as initiation into the Jaegerists, Floch had the trainees beat Instructor Sadies severely before commanding Hange to lead his group to Zeke's location.

With the military in captivity, Yelena oversaw the categorization of those present in the city: military prisoners who had not drunk Zeke's spinal fluid-laced wine were given red armbands, military prisoners who had drunk the wine were given black armbands, and the Jaegerists were given white armbands to distinguish them from the prisoners. Yelena then visited Eren's former comrades in the Scout Regiment and revealed their true goal: to have Zeke and Eren use the power of the Founding Titan to sterilize the Subjects of Ymir, beginning "Eldia's euthanasia" and letting the people of Eldia live in peace until no more are left on the earth.

The battle

First assault

In Shiganshina District, Eren Jaeger began preparations to have Gabi Braun call out any infiltrators in the Walls who may desire to help her, but his plans were interrupted when he is confronted by Pieck. Knowing she would be unable to defeat Eren alone, she claimed the desire to cooperate with Eren against Marley, agreeing to point out the location of Marleyan infiltrators from the rooftop of the military headquarters in the city. As they traveled to the rooftop, Porco Galliard awaited below disguised as a Jaegerist where he would strike at Eren from below. Eren anticipated the attack, losing only his legs when the Jaw Titan broke through the roof from beneath him. The Jaw Titan's ambush was accompanied by the arrival of five Marleyan airships above Shiganshina carrying the Warriors and a small Marleyan strike force led by the newly promoted General Theo Magath.[1]