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Rixner (リクスナー Rikusunā?) is a butler of the Inocencio family.


Rixner is an older and portly gentleman with a pleasant expression and well groomed hair. He dresses in a well-made suit and tie.


Visit to the Industrial City arc

When Xavi Inocencio and his company manager Brenke meet to discuss the family business in the Inocencio family manor, Rixner arrives to serve them tea. Xavi informs Brenke that Rixner will contact with Xavi's address in Shiganshina District after he is transferred.

When Brenke departs from the manor after informing Xavi of a supposed sighting of Sharle Inocencio in the Industrial City, Xavi asks for Rixner's opinion on the matter. Rixner admits that it is a possibility. Rixner tells Xavi that Sharle must have left Shiganshina after Kuklo was sent beyond the Walls, though no Wall Rose guards had any records of her passing through their territory, indicating that she might have connections to the stationed troops. Given the difficulty of the Military Police Brigade to gain access to the Industrial City, Rixner offers a suggestion. Xavi agrees with Rixner's proposal.[1] When Xavi is on his way to the Industrial City on Captain Gloria Bernhart's orders, Xavi recalls that Rixner had proposed to send a spy into the Industrial City to search for Sharle in secret.[2]

Underground City arc

After Xavi is able to find and retrieve Sharle, with the help of Fuchs, Rixner is tasked with finding a suitor for Sharle.[3] He finds a likely candidate in Michael Pottering, the son of an influential family from Wall Sheena. After hearing that Michael took part in trying to rape Sharle the next day, Rixner profusely apologizes to Xavi for the error. While incensed, Xavi admits that the blame can't be placed solely on RIxner; nevertheless, he notes that this was a rare failure on Rixner's part and warns him not to do it again.[4] Rixner begins to work with Fuchs to track down Sharle's location and provides several possible leads for the latter.



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