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This article is about the 8th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the 50th chapter, see Scream (Chapter).

Quote1.png I'm just completely confused. I've never heard of one Titan attacking another. But I'm also slightly... uplifted... because this scene looks to me like the fury of the human race incarnate. Quote2.png
— Mikasa is defended by a Titan

Roar (咆哮 Hōkō?) is the 4th chapter of the 2nd volume and the 8th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Mikasa stands in bewilderment witnessing a rogue Titan killing another Titan. Armin comes in and picks Mikasa up. Connie approaches them and advises that they leave. They subsequently notice that same Titan killing other Titans. While formulating a plan, Armin plans to leave himself behind while Mikasa takes his gas. Mikasa discards that idea and insists that they are not going to leave him. Connie announces that he will carry Armin while Mikasa covers them. Before departing, Armin states that he has a plan.

Meanwhile, Jean leads a group of soldiers to HQ while the group of Titans next to them are occupied. When they reach HQ, they find that Titans are swarming the building. The same rogue Titan kills off the Titans around the building, and Mikasa with Connie and Armin drop in. They advocate that using that Titan is their best chance of survival.


The fight is over and the rogue Titan is victorious, it stands over the Titan corpse and roars. Although confused, Mikasa thinks of the scene as uplifting, considering it the fury of the human race incarnate. As she is focused on the scene, Armin rushes to her side and brings her to a nearby roof.

Titans swarm HQ

On top of the roof, Connie panics at the sight of the Titan. However, seeing the rogue Titan knocking another's head off causes them all to pause. Observing that it went directly for a weak spot, Armin notices that it does not seem to react to humans like the others do and it seems to know hand-to-hand combat. With Mikasa completely out of gas, Armin offers up all of his gas and dulled blades minus one so as to not be eaten alive if caught. Mikasa, thinking of how she had given up, takes the blade from him and tells him that she refuses to abandon him. Armin's protests mean little when Connie takes Mikasa's side. Worrying that more of his friends will die, Armin comes up with a plan and leaves it up to Connie and Mikasa to decide.

Meanwhile, Jean Kirstein and a group of trainees try to make it to the HQ. On the ground, a trainee screams when he runs out of gas and sees Titans moving towards him. Another attempts to save him, only to be caught and put in the same situation. Jean and the others take the opportunity to dash toward the headquarters with the remaining supplies. Briefly caught by the leg, Jean cuts off the Titan's fingers and continues ahead.

The mysterious Titan roars

Managing to make it to HQ, he briefly questions his decision, until he spots the supply team. In a fit of rage, he grabs one of them by the collar and hits them. Marco breaks up the fight. Still furious, Jean blames them for the deaths of his teammates. When they tell him about the Titans in the storeroom, Jean tells them they should have made a plan to finish their mission. Out of nowhere, a Titan rams its head through the Wall, revealing that they are surrounded. As Jean is about to give up hope, Connie, Mikasa and Armin come crashing in through the window courtesy of an escort from the Rogue Titan. With Armin's plan a success, Connie suggests utilizing it again, in the hopes that they can all escape. Jean and the others' skepticism are countered by Mikasa, who informs them that it is the only plan they have.

Current Publicly Available Information

6. Illustration of Differences in Body Size

Current Publicly Available Information #6

  • Soldier: 1.7 meters
  • 4 - 5 meter class
  • 7 meter class
  • 15 meter class
  • Colossus Titan: Estimated Height: Approx. 60 Meters Tall

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