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Rod and Uri's father[1] was the father of Rod and Uri Reiss, and the paternal grandfather of Ulklin, Frieda, Dirk, Abel, Florian, and Historia Reiss. He was also one of the previous Reiss family members who possessed the Founding Titan and one of the true kings of the Walls.


Rod and Uri's father was a middle-aged man with neck-length light hair that curled at the ends and a receding hairline, which his sons would later inherit. He had a mustache as well as a short beard that went up and merged with his hairline.


He inherited the Founding Titan and the position of king during the Reiss family succession ritual from an unknown Reiss. When he was the wielder of the Founding Titan, he refused to rid the world of Titans, as he inherited the will of the First King who saw a rule by them as true peace. His sons Rod and Uri Reiss pleaded with him on multiple occasions. It was so much so, that Rod was locked behind bars because of his repeated attempts to convince him.

Eventually it came time to pass on his powers and position to one of his sons. Like former wielders of the Founding Titan, he was chained to the ground so that the next inheritor could eat him after transforming into a Titan and regain human form. Uri volunteered, asking Rod to pray. After the procedure, Rod realized Uri had inherited the same ideology the moment he looked into his eyes, realizing at the same time that Uri had become God.[2]


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