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Roderich (ローデリヒ Rōderihi?)[1] is a former member of King Fritz's assembly. After a successful uprising led by Scout Regiment commander Erwin Smith, he is imprisoned by the military.


He is a middle-aged man with an elongated face and nose, short dark hair, and medium-length scraggly facial hair. He is garbed in the robes of the Order of the Walls.


Roderich a selfish man, and values his welfare over the interest of all other civilians within the Walls. As part of the council, he was prepared to disband the Scout Regiment, under false pretenses, purely to secure his own position. He displays a level of cunning by saying that he is acting in the interests of the people; however, this is uncovered as false when he prepared to shut out the people of Wall Rose, and even shudders at the thought of refugees entering Wall Sina.


Assault on Stohess arc

In the aftermath of the assault on Stohess, Roderich accompanies Pastor Nick to a meeting of politicians and high-standing citizens to discuss the results of the battle with Scout Regiment Commander Erwin Smith.[2]

Royal Government arc

Roderich is a part of an audience held with other nobles in the presence of King Fritz. They are concerned with Rod Reiss's suggestion that the royal government begin giving out food rations to the Walls' citizens, but Rod insists that the expenditure was necessary to boost the citizens' morale, and to improve the royal family's public approval.[3]

Roderich attends a meeting

During another meeting, Roderich notes with displeasure that no information on Eren Jaeger and Historia Reiss's whereabouts has been gained from Erwin, and that freezing the Scout Regiment's activity may have been in vain. As they are discussing, the assembly receives a message from Rod that he has captured Eren and Historia, and has made his move against Erwin and the Scouts.[4]

Following Erwin's arrest, the assemblymen hold a meeting to discuss what information could be gained from his interrogation. Their meeting is interrupted with news that Erwin has arrived for his trial, and the men all set out for the court room, ready to sentence him to death.[5]

Roderich receives news about Wall Rose's breach

The trial is interrupted when word is brought that Wall Rose has been breached by the Colossal and Armored Titans, and Roderich and his fellow nobles order that refugees not be allowed into Wall Sina. As they discuss the likelihood of Rod Reiss obtaining the Founding Titan from Eren Jaeger in the next few days, they are interrupted by the arrival of Dhalis Zachary, who reveals with Dot Pyxis that the report of Wall Rose being breached was falsified to test how they would react to the crisis, and determine whether or not they are fit to lead.[6]

After being overthrown, Roderich and his comrades are repeatedly tortured by Zachary. Confident that Rod will be able to erase the populace's memories once he has recovered the Founding Titan, the nobles do not bother trying to keep anything secret, and freely give away all of the government's secrets.[7]

After Rod Reiss is finally defeated and Historia is crowned as the queen, Roderich is seen inside a prison.[8]