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Rondo of Darkness (闇の輪舞 Yami no Rinbu?) is the 3rd chapter of the 7th volume and the 23rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


After reaching the ground, Kuklo prepares to signal back to Carlo, Jorge and Maria when he hears a Titan coming. He defends himself but notices his weapons have little effect. After evading the Titans, he spots the abnormal Titan known as Ogre approaching and, to his horror, sees it targeting a dangling Cardina several meters above.


Titans lunge at Kuklo

Reaching the ground in the area beyond Wall Maria, Kuklo listens for the presence of any nearby Titans. He recalls that before the mission, Carlo Pikale gave them flint stones to use as signals rather than flares. Two strikes mean the ground has been reached, three followed by a pause and three more means extraction, and four or more in a row means emergency extraction.

Kuklo prepares to give off a signal when he realizes a Titan is coming his way. Recalling a comment given by Cardina some time ago, he realizes that the Titans can smell his scent. Before he can plan, two Titans lunge at him from the darkness, nearly catching him in their grasp. He fires the grapple of his device prototype at one and cuts off the arm of the other, but their wounds regenerate too quickly.

He grapples up the Wall to get a clear shot at their napes, but the Titan has already regenerated its arm. The g-forces of his maneuvering cause Kuklo to start slipping into unconsciousness, and with a surge of focus, he grapples onto the Titan's back, stabbing at its nape. However, his strike cannot hit deep enough, so he settles for a strike at the Titan's ankle instead.

The Titan runs past Kuklo

Another Titan comes in, jumping at Kuklo and landing atop the other Titan. Kuklo sees his chance to strike at the nape, but another Titan comes charging in. Kuklo bites down on his hand to calm himself, preparing to strike at the Titan, but is surprised to see the Titan has passed him and instead has gone for Cardina, who is dangling mere meters above the Titan's mouth. Kuklo panics, rushing to his aid.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Kuklo
  2. Carlo Pikale (flashback)
  3. Cardina Baumeister (flashback)
  4. Ogre