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Quote1 Will you really force me to betray my colleagues and write this article? Do you have the right to get my entire family killed? Quote2
— Roy to Hange Zoë[3]

Roy (ロイ Roi?) is a journalist and director of Berg Newspapers in Stohess District. Before the coup d'état, Roy obeyed the censoring nature of the Walls' monarchy and was firmly against and fearful of defying the former government.


Roy is an older man with a thick mustache and bushy eyebrows. His attire consists of a professional white long-sleeve dress shirt with a tie, and a sweater vest over it. He also wears a newsboy cap when on the streets, which covers his short, swept-back hair.[4]


As a veteran journalist, Roy has come to accept and conform to the restrictive nature of the monarchy, fearing retaliation for defiance. Although he once wished to dedicate his life to informing the public of the truth, he has since given up such idealistic ambitions after gaining a family he wished to protect. Roy's many years of working under the monarchy's thumb have caused him to have a negative view of himself, and have made him a very realistic, somewhat cynical man.[5]


Royal Government arc

Roy refuses to publish the truth

Roy refuses to publish the truth

Roy is first seen investigating the aftermath of a battle between the Survey Corps and the Military Police First Interior Squad in the Stohess District, along with the inexperienced journalist Peaure. Although he learns of everything that transpired, Roy obeys Nile Dok's command to not mention the Interior Branch's involvement.[6] In the end, Roy's article would paint the Military Police as heroes, and slander the Survey Corps as dangerous criminals. Later, at the Berg Newspapers office, Roy and Peaure are confronted by Hange Zoë, who provides the journalists with proof of the corruption of the Military Police. Hange beckons the agency to publish the truth; however, despite approval from Peaure, Roy becomes fearful of what the Military Police will do to him and his family and staunchly refuses.[7] He later relents and posts the truth about the Military Police and Survey Corps after Peaure shakes him and yells that the monarchy does not care about the people living inside the Walls and that if the Titans get in, they will let him and his family perish.[8]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Roy praises the Survey Corps

Roy praises the Survey Corps

After the Survey Corps are back to Trost with the reclaim of Wall Maria, Roy and Peaure meet Hange and Levi. They discuss the freshly revealed origin of the Titans and the history of the building of the Walls. When Hange asks him about the reactions of the people, he replies that they are various and that everyone is confused. Hange says that they will let the taxpayers decide what to do with that information, and that is where they are better than the old king. Roy then states that he is proud of what all the Survey Corps has done, and adds that they are glad to help them as they can but also worry about the future of the Walls' inhabitants.[9]

War for Paradis arc

Hange is overwhelmed with questions

Roy questioning Hange Zoë

After news of the military arresting Eren Yeager for attacking Marley is leaked to the public, Roy is among the mob of citizens who harass Hange for additional information. When Hange refuses to answer his questions, Roy questions whether Hange has changed their stance on the idea that the public should be privy to what the government is doing.[10]