Roy (ロイ Roi?)[1] is a journalist within the Walls. Before the coup d'état, Roy obeyed the censoring nature of the Walls' monarchy and was firmly against and fearful of defying the former government.


Roy is an older man with a thick mustache and bushy eyebrows. His attire consists of a professional white long-sleeve dress shirt with a tie, and a sweater vest over it. He also wears a newsboy cap when on the streets, which covers his short, swept-back hair.


As a veteran journalist, Roy has come to accept and conform to the restrictive nature of the monarchy, fearing retaliation for defiance.


The Uprising arc

Roy is first seen investigating the aftermath of a battle between the Scout Regiment and the Military Police First Interior Squad in Trost District, along with the inexperienced journalist Peaure. Although he learns of everything that transpired, Roy obeys Nile Dawk's command to not mention the Interior Branch's involvement.

Roy is convinced to publish the truth

Roy is convinced to publish the truth

Roy and Peaure later witness three members of the Military Police reveal that the MPs were responsible for Dimo Reeves's murder.[1] Roy is reluctant to report what he has witnessed, but he is convinced after being confronted by Peaure and Flegel Reeves that the monarchy does not care about the people living inside the Walls and that if the Titans get in, they will let him and his family perish.[2]

Roy and Peaure later attend the crowning of Historia Reiss as queen, taking notes of the ceremony for their publication.[3]