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This article is about the sixth story arc of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime arc, see Royal Government arc (Anime).

Royal Government arc (王政編 Ōsei-hen?)[1] is the sixth story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


The situation inside the Walls becomes critical after the murder of Minister Nick and a subsequent attempt to kidnap Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss. Knowing that the monarchy's actions greatly endanger humankind, Erwin Smith begins his plan - the plan to overthrow the government and make Historia the new queen.


Cover Number Title Release date
51 Squad Levi
 (リヴァイ班 Rivai-han?)
November 9, 2013
Chapter 51 CoverThe soldiers finally return after Eren's rescue, albeit in a terrible state and with a lot of casualties. Eren blames himself for getting captured, however, after Jean and others speak to him about the possible ability of him controlling the Titans, he regains his resolve. Meanwhile, it is revealed that humanity would barely have enough food to support the refugees for a week if Wall Rose were to fall. Dot Pixis reveals these details to Erwin. Levi expresses pity at Erwin's lost arm, but Erwin claims it is a small price for all the soldiers that have died due to his orders.

They are joined by Connie and Hange who reveal the possibility of Titans being humans completely fused within their body. This theory is supported by the events in the Ragako Village as all the humans have seemingly turned into Titans, including Connie's parents, much to his sorrow. Levi then reveals to Erwin that his team has been remade with several members of the 104th Training Corps members in order to watch over Historia and Eren. Far away from any civilization, Eren is reminded of the original Levi Squad as his new team bickers among themselves.

Cover Number Title Release date
52 Krista Lenz
 (クリスタ・レンズ Kurisuta Renzu?)
December 9, 2013
Chapter 52 CoverShortly after the new Squad Levi is formed, they discuss the plan to repair Wall Maria. The conversation deviates when Levi notes a strangeness in Hange's behavior. Hange reveals that earlier that morning, Minister Nick was found dead. They found his body guarded by Military Policemen led by a man named Djel Sannes, whom Hange suspects was responsible for the murder. With this news, Squad Levi discusses what they perceive to be a conspiracy against the Survey Corps, and decide that they must continue their efforts, taking down any who oppose them.

Later, the recruits of Squad Levi discuss recent events. Eren notes a significant change in Historia's behavior that started the first day of their relocation. He recalls that at that time, she revealed her past to her new squad.

Historia was raised on a farm owned by the Reiss family, a noble family in Wall Sheena. She greatly admired her mother, despite being largely neglected by her and others in her household. However, a few nights after the fall of Wall Maria, she was visited by her true father: Rod Reiss, the head of the Reiss family. She and her mother were to be taken away to live with the Reiss nobles, but they were soon surrounded by men in black trenchcoats. Their leader asked if Historia and her mother were related to Rod, to which he replied that they were not. With that, the leader killed Historia's mother and was ready to kill Historia when Rod called him off. In that moment, Rod gave his daughter the alias "Krista Lenz." She would be sent to live on a settlement for two years until she would join the 104th Training Corps, where she met her new friends.

Cover Number Title Release date
53 Smoke Signal
 (狼煙 Noroshi?)
January 9, 2014
Chapter 53 CoverAs an imperfect Titan form of Eren falls to the ground, Mikasa and Hange are forced to remove Eren's body from the Titan by force. A day later, after Eren wakes up, not remembering anything, he is informed of the experiments' results, learning that he has shown no signs of the hardening ability and even lost his intelligence after mysteriously recalling about his father. After Levi describes their situation to be quite bleak and Hange suggests to focus on the Wallists, Eren suddenly witnesses an image of a girl, not knowing her identity or where the memories of her come from.

In the capital city, Mitras, Erwin rides a carriage along with Nile, when the former questions the latter about Nick's murder, much to the shock of the Military Police Brigade's Commander. It is revealed that the Interior Military Police is not directly under the Brigade's command. The two then recall their past as they talk about Nile's wife, Marie, and eventually Erwin's decision to choose Titans over her. Meanwhile, Levi's Squad receives their orders from Erwin and they eventually reach the Trost District. After Levi is confronted by several villagers, Eren and Historia end up being kidnapped. However, it is revealed that the two kidnapped are respectively Jean and Armin in disguise. Mikasa and Levi easily track the kidnappers' location and prepare to act, the latter ready for action with his foot injury feeling better.

Cover Number Title Release date
54 Location of the Counterattack
 (反撃の場所 Hangeki no Basho?)
February 9, 2014
Chapter 54 CoverHistoria as a child sits with a mysterious woman, who teaches her how to read and how to be ladylike. As the woman leaves, she asks Historia to forget about her, and Historia does not recognize her as she turns away. Waking up from this memory, Historia is unable to remember her dream but knows it was important. She and Eren talk, and Eren says he prefers her now to her when she was trying to be all perfect Krista.

In Trost District, the Reeves Company men go to make sure their captured Eren and Historia are the real ones, but are ambushed by Levi and his squad. Levi takes their boss, Dimo Reeves, to sit atop the Wall where they talk, and Levi convinces him to help the efforts of the Survey Corps. Levi says he will give them Eren and Historia under three conditions: the Reeves Company will aid the Survey Corps, they will trust the Corps wholeheartedly, and the Corps will have access to whatever goods the Reeves Company possesses; Dimo agrees.

A short while later, Squad Levi and Dimo Reeves succeed in capturing Djel Sannes for interrogation. Elsewhere, Commander Erwin, returning from Mitras, meets with Commander Pixis. Together they begin to discuss the need to overthrow the Royal Government.

Cover Number Title Release date
55 Pain
 (痛み Itami?)
March 9, 2014
Chapter 55 CoverErwin Smith presents Dot Pixis with his proposal to overthrow the Royal Government. The commanders discuss the risks involved in doing so, and Pixis challenges Erwin to convince him of the value of his plan. While they wait for a messenger to arrive with news crucial to the plan, Erwin reveals his backstory and the event that shaped his life: his father's death at the hands of the government. Hange and Levi carry out the interrogation of the captured members of the Interior Squad, brutally torturing Djel Sannes for information. His screams disturb the younger members overhearing this. They realize just how far they may have to go to win. Sannes finally breaks and discloses a crucial secret: the Reiss family is the true royal bloodline. Armed with this information, Erwin finalizes his plan by proposing that they install Historia as the new Queen.

Cover Number Title Release date
56 Actors
 (役者 Yakusha?)
April 9, 2014
Chapter 56 CoverEren continues recalling more and more about him confronting Reiner and Bertolt, so he rushes to write everything down. Meanwhile, Hange talks to Djel Sannes and Ralph in their cell, revealing that Sannes has been tricked into revealing the information. An angered Hange then meets Eren who hands them the notes about his experience. At the same time, it is revealed to the members of Squad Levi and Reeves Company that Historia is to be the next queen. Even though the girl is initially against it, after Levi's pressure, she agrees with the plan and according to Erwin's orders, the Reeves Company is to hand Eren and Historia to the Military Police Interior Squad in order to find Rod Reiss. However, the man who had previously slaughtered Historia's mother appears, killing Dimo Reeves and taking the two hostages.

Cover Number Title Release date
57 Kenny the Ripper
 (切り裂きケニー Kirisaki Kenī?)
May 9, 2014
Chapter 57 CoverErwin and Hange have a conversation about the fate of Eren. Hange theorizes that Titans can become humans with the power of the Titans by eating others with that power, and that is what the Reiss family will try to do to Eren. The conversation is interrupted when Erwin is told about Dimo Reeves's death. Before turning himself in, Erwin appoints Hange to be his successor as Commander of the Survey Corps should something happen to him. The Survey Corps is blamed for the murder, while Hange starts creating a plan to evade the authorities.

In Stohess District, Squad Levi is talking about their fare and Levi's plans while he spies on the Military Police Brigade in search of Eren and Historia. The task is interrupted when Captain Kenny Ackerman and his squad show up, killing several soldiers and engaging Levi in combat.

Cover Number Title Release date
58 Gunshots
 (銃声 Jūsei?)
June 9, 2014
Chapter 58 CoverAfter a brief confrontation with Kenny, Levi begins his escape but is ambushed by several soldiers. Fleeing into a tavern, Levi makes his escape after a short discussion with Kenny ended with Levi shooting him in the chest with the saloon owner's gun. He then fools the soldiers with a decoy and makes his escape, killing many of them along the way. Meanwhile, Levi's Squad hears the gunshots and eventually, Levi reaches them, abandoning the original plan and ordering them flee and, if necessary, kill the enemy. He and Mikasa then begin to fend off the attacking enemy soldiers. However, one of them reaches Jean and, after he hesitates to kill her, a gunshot goes off. After the enemy escapes with them, Eren and Historia meet Rod Reiss as he and Kenny remove the covers to their caskets. Knowing that he is their enemy, however, Eren is surprised to see Rod hugging Historia and apologizing to her.

Cover Number Title Release date
59 Soul of a Heretic
 (外道の魂 Gedō no Tamashī?)
July 9, 2014
Chapter 59 CoverNile Dok ponders over whether the Military Police First Interior Squad will use the new anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment against regular Military Police members while the press attempt to get answers. Armin comes to terms with committing his first crime, murdering the soldier that nearly shot Jean, although Mikasa, Levi and Jean encourage and thank him. Later, two soldiers, Hitch Dreyse and Marlowe Freudenberg, are caught when they stray from their patrol group and are detained by Squad Levi. Hitch learns about what happened to Annie after the battle of Stohess District, while Marlowe pleads to help Levi. When Jean is given custody of the captured pair and told to release them, he tests Marlowe's honesty by having a brief fight, and Hitch tries to intervene. They both agree to aid the Survey Corps. Using Marlowe's intel, the group locates the Interior Brigade Compound, where they suspect Eren and Historia are being kept.

Cover Number Title Release date
60 Trust
 (信頼 Shinrai?)
August 9, 2014
Chapter 60 CoverAt the Interior Brigade Compound, several soldiers are seen wounded on the ground. Levi ties one up and begins interrogating him, but as the soldier tries to get out of telling Levi anything he begins beating him and the soldier then claims he does not know where Eren and Historia are. Before the interrogation can conclude, figures in Military Police uniforms approach Squad Levi.

At the Berg Newspapers office in Stohess, writers Roy and Peaure discuss how false the paper is to make the MPs appear better and that if the truth were written, people would be killed. Hange then appears with Moblit and says they were going to maim their hands but then asks if they would write on them for just one day. Later in the Trost District, Flegel Reeves runs from three MPs and before he is to be killed, asks why they killed his father, Dimo Reeves. An MP tells him he betrayed them and if he had not agreed to kidnap the Survey Corps members he would be killed anyway. Hange and Moblit then jump down and take out the MPs, revealing many Trost citizens to attest to their words. Flegel then claims ownership over the Reeves Company and Hange asks Roy and Peaure to print the story until Roy disagrees, saying his family will be killed. Over in the capital. Erwin Smith is presented beaten and kneeling in front of King Fritz and the Assembly of the Royal Government.

Cover Number Title Release date
61 Reply
 (回答 Kaitō?)
September 9, 2014
Chapter 61 CoverErwin's public execution is being prepared. Meanwhile, he has a conversation with the King and the Assembly. Erwin tries to explain that the Survey Corps defends mankind and that the fall of Wall Rose would cause a civil war but the Assembly ignores him. Suddenly, a Garrison soldier reports that Wall Rose has been breached. The Assembly decides that the refugees must not enter Wall Sheena. This confuses the soldiers, making Nile Dok disobey them. It is then revealed that there is no breach and it was a plan made by Dot Pixis to show the nobles' true nature. The confusion ends when Darius Zackly arrests the nobles and exonerates the Survey Corps. In another place, Levi's Squad are informed by Hange accompanied by Hitch and Marlowe that they are being spared for the crimes they were framed for. This allows them to carry on with their more important duties, rescuing Historia and the restrained Eren.

Cover Number Title Release date
62 Sin
 ( Tsumi?)
October 9, 2014
Chapter 62 CoverThe Royal Government has been forfeited and the nobles of the Assembly arrested, but Erwin Smith and Darius Zackly still have doubts about their newly appointed positions. They discuss the direction humanity will take after their drastic actions and contemplate the penalty it will ensue. Hange and the new Squad Levi attempt to locate Eren after he was taken to a dungeon by Rod Reiss and Kenny Ackerman, with Historia Reiss as a front. Chained up and confused, Eren is confronted by Historia and she reveals that Rod is not an enemy of humanity. Rod and Historia say that all will be explained soon enough. Laying hands on Eren, hidden powers trigger a distant memory of Eren with his father, and the aftermath of his very first transformation is revealed: Eren had eaten his own father.

Cover Number Title Release date
63 Chains
 ( Kusari?)
November 7, 2014
Chapter 63 CoverWith Eren still held captive below the Reiss family chapel, Rod Reiss explains the history of Historia's half-sister, Frieda, and her eventual fate after the family's encounter with Grisha Yeager during the fall of Wall Maria five years ago. Rod reveals that Grisha, in his Titan form, fought and defeated Frieda and stole her Titan powers, with the intent on ending the Reiss family bloodline forever. Meanwhile, with the success of the revolution fresh out of its core, an uncertain tension arises between Erwin Smith, Pixis and Darius Zackly. With Rod in the final stage of his plans, Erwin, the entire Military and Levi's squad prepare to lay siege against the chapel to rescue Eren and stop Reiss once and for all.

Cover Number Title Release date
64 Welcome Party
 (歓迎会 Kangei-kai?)
December 9, 2014
Chapter 64 CoverThe battle for the power of the Reiss family comes to a head below the Reiss family chapel as Kenny and the Anti-Personnel Control Squad face off against Hange and Squad Levi. Rod explains how Frieda Reiss acquired the power of the Titans, as well as revealing the mysterious special Titan that built all three Walls a century ago. During the battle, Hange becomes seriously injured after fighting Kenny's second-in-command before forcing them to flee. About to turn Historia into a Titan, Rod is confronted by Kenny, who reveals his original plan to turn into one himself by eating Eren.

Cover Number Title Release date
65 Dreams and Curses
 (夢と呪い Yume to Noroi?)
January 9, 2015
Chapter 65 CoverKenny tells his grandfather's story that the Ackerman family and Asian clan are minority bloodlines and cannot have their memories manipulated. He violently attacks Rod and harshly explains to Historia that Rod is a coward who never wanted her in the first place. Rod frees himself and releases Kenny from his service but the Military Captain decides that would not be very fun. Kenny frees Eren so that he and Historia can fight in Titan form. However, she is stopped when Eren refuses to transform and instead tearfully asks Historia to eat him and save humanity. Levi's squad realize they are running out of time.

Cover Number Title Release date
66 Wish
 (願い Negai?)
February 9, 2015
Chapter 66 CoverAbout to inject the Titan serum and transform, Historia recalls memories from her past involving Ymir, Frieda, and her time as a trainee in the 104th Training Corps. After having a flashback of Ymir telling her to live her life with pride, Historia abandons Rod's plan and instead attempts to release Eren. They reunite with Levi's squad and prepare to escape, however Rod ingests the serum and begins to transform into a Titan. Faced with a crumbling Wall and a towering Titan estimated to be larger than the Colossus Titan itself, Levi tells Eren to make his own choice. Eren believes in himself and bites into a vial labelled "Armor," jumps off the ledge and transforms, facing the Titan before him.

Cover Number Title Release date
67 Outside the Walls of Orvud District
 (オルブド区外壁 Orubudo-ku Gaiheki?)
March 6, 2015
Chapter 67 CoverEren is extracted from his Titan form, which has hardened and supported the imploding cave. After he is taken out, Connie secures an exit from the cave and Squad Levi leaves. The ground above the cave has cracked open and in the distance a Titan can be seen. Levi then orders that everyone follow it and after retrieving Hange, they discuss possibly making Rod Reiss gain the Titan's power, which Hange dubs the "Progenitor Titan", by feeding Eren to him, but they instead go with Historia's idea that the Progenitor Titan power can be used without Reiss blood, which is why Grisha Yeager stole it. They then plan to kill Rod Reiss and station a base in Orvud District where he is being drawn toward. Reuniting with Erwin Smith and the Survey Corps, they halt the evacuation of the district to continue drawing the crawling Titan towards the Wall. At the brink of dawn, the soldiers station themselves atop the Wall and ready for the fight to kill Rod Reiss.

Cover Number Title Release date
68 Ruler of the Walls
 (壁の王 Kabe no Ō?)
April 9, 2015
Chapter 68 CoverThe evacuation of the citizens of Orvud District continues while the Garrison uses cannons to shoot Rod with no effect. Squad Levi prepares to fight and Historia joins them despite Erwin's request for her to withdrawal and stay safe. Eren admires her strength while complaining of his own weakness. Soon after, Rod reaches the Wall and stands up, causing both citizens and the Garrison soldiers to flee in terror. Squad Levi causes Rod to lose his balance by destroying his hands with gunpowder barrels, and Eren shifts into his Titan form and is able to force gunpowder barrels into Rod's mouth, blowing apart his head. Squad Levi then takes off and slices apart the flying pieces, trying to cut Rod's true body. Historia is then able to find the right piece of flesh and as she cuts her father's nape, she sees past memories of Rod, Uri and Frieda. The rest of Rod's body explodes and Historia falls to the ground. After regaining consciousness, she finds herself surrounded by the shocked citizens who ask her who she is. She then stands up and tells them that she is Historia Reiss, the true ruler of the Walls.

Cover Number Title Release date
69 Friends
 (友人 Yūjin?)
May 9, 2015
Chapter 69 CoverA dying Kenny Ackerman recalls significant past events of his life. He remembers the time when he met Uri Reiss and how Uri spared his life after being captured by him during a failed assassination attempt. Uri even apologized to him for the persecution the Ackermans suffered and for failing to save humanity, prompting an impressed Kenny to become his bodyguard. After his sister Kuchel died of sickness in the Underground, Kenny takes in her son, Levi. Kenny, not wanting to be a parent, teaches him only what he needs to know to survive and then leaves him some years later without explanation. After much time has passed, Uri tells Kenny about the inherited power of the Reiss family, making him desire to obtain it. Kenny starts his plan by becoming the captain of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. After Rod Reiss's Titan transformation, Kenny is hit by the debris of the collapsed chapel basement, and his squad is wiped out. After the battle at Orvud District, the dying Kenny is found by Levi. Kenny talks about his life dreaming of obtaining power, recognizes he was a bad uncle for Levi, and then dies after giving him the Titan serum he stole. Not long after, Historia is crowned as the new queen. After the ceremony, she punches Levi as part of a challenge, but Levi just smiles and thanks his team.

Cover Number Title Release date
70 A Dream I Once Had
 (いつか見た夢 Itsuka Mita Yume?)
June 9, 2015
Chapter 70 CoverTwo months after Historia's crowning, the Military now rule within the Walls with the monarchy acting as a display. Historia opens an orphanage using the properties confiscated from the nobles. Eren has mastered his Titan hardening abilities, and the Survey Corps are preparing a strategy to retake Wall Maria. All resisting members of the old government have been arrested and their allies forced to pay high taxes. Confiscated technology was recovered and the shining ore found in the Reiss chapel caverns was given to the citizens as an infinite source of light. With Eren's help, Hange develops a guillotine-like weapon capable of killing Titans without the need to fight them, though at great cost to Eren's health. Hange reveals the results of the studies made on the Titan injection. Because of the results, it is left in the care of the most capable soldier with the highest chance of survival: Levi. Marlowe and some other members of the Military Police Brigade join the Survey Corps. Eren recalls some memories of Grisha encountering their old instructor, Keith Shadis, after the massacre in the Reiss chapel and makes plans to meet with him tomorrow morning. In the Shiganshina District, Reiner is defeated by the Beast Titan. The human inside it emerges and orders him and Bertolt to wait for the Survey Corps so the three can ambush them and retrieve the Coordinate when they come.


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