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This article is about the 68th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime episode of the same name, see Ruler of the Walls (Episode).

Quote1.png I am Historia Reiss. The true ruler of these Walls. Quote2.png
— Historia announces her royalty

Ruler of the Walls (壁の王 Kabe no Ō?) is the 2nd chapter of the 17th volume and the 68th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


The evacuation of the citizens of Orvud District continues while the Garrison uses cannons to shoot Rod with no effect. Squad Levi prepares to fight and Historia joins them despite Erwin's request for her to withdrawal and stay safe. Eren admires her strength while complaining of his own weakness. Soon after, Rod reaches the Wall and stands up, causing both citizens and the Garrison soldiers to flee in terror. Squad Levi causes Rod to lose his balance by destroying his hands with gunpowder barrels, and Eren shifts into his Titan form and is able to force gunpowder barrels into Rod's mouth, blowing apart his head. Squad Levi then takes off and slices apart the flying pieces, trying to cut Rod's true body. Historia is then able to find the right piece of flesh and as she cuts her father's nape, she sees past memories of Rod, Uri and Frieda. The rest of Rod's body explodes and Historia falls to the ground. After regaining consciousness, she finds herself surrounded by the shocked citizens who ask her who she is. She then stands up and tells them that she is Historia Reiss, the true ruler of the Walls.


Rod's Titan is shot with no effect

The Garrison continues the evacuation of the citizens of Orvud District under the facade that it is just a practice drill. However, some citizens are suspicious about why there is such an exercise in the northern region of Wall Sheena, the safest place within the Walls, and believe that the military is just trying to show off their power to the people after the coup d'état.

At that moment, a large column of steam appears at the other side of the Wall as Rod Reiss gets closer, and the Garrison begins firing cannons. Erwin and Squad Levi observe how the efforts of the military are useless since the Titan recovers from all injuries and keeps approaching. Erwin comments that they will never hit the nape of the Titan from that angle, and that the Garrison from the northern part of Wall Sheena is much less experienced than its counterpart on the front lines of south Wall Rose, but that is the best they have for the moment.

Modified wheelbarrow charged with gunpowder

Hange Zoë appears bringing a large amount of gunpowder, ropes and a net for Erwin, as well as wheelbarrows charged with more gunpowder and equipped with spikes like if they were large versions of the vertical maneuvering equipment. Levi, Jean, Sasha and Connie take their positions to attack Rod, while the others gather gunpowder barrels into the net.

Erwin asks Historia to stay away, since she is going to be the next queen and it would be problematic if something were to happen to her, but she questions if people are really so naive to obey a ruler in name only. She then states that she has found for herself the mission she has to carry out and prepares to fight.

As they talk, Eren watches in silence and thinks about how strong she has become, and how weak he is for thinking that he was special and that the sacrifices of the soldiers who died for his sake were "unavoidable."

Eren punches himself for being pathetic and useless

He then notices three kids who are watching them from the distance and comments to Armin that if Rod reaches the Wall, those kids are going to see the exact same thing they saw 5 years ago. However, Armin points out that unlike that day, there are now soldiers that can fight back, and that they are those soldiers. As Eren remembers the time when a Titan devoured his mother, Mikasa complains that it is no time to be standing around and Eren punches his own face in frustration for being so useless and pathetic.

Rod towers over the Orvud District Wall

Rod reaches the Wall, and the Garrison prepares to shoot his nape now that the angle is adequate, but unexpectedly the wind changes direction and they are covered by a cloud of hot steam. When they recover their sight of the target, it is too late; Rod is stretching out his hands over the Wall and stands up. Eren's prediction comes true as the three kids watch in horror as they see the smoky hand of the Titan over the Wall and then his deformed body standing.

Eren is going to attack Rod

The citizens flee in terror and even the Garrison retreats, but Squad Levi takes the command and pours barrels of water on themselves to endure the heat emitted by Rod's body. The three children begin to flee but stop after seeing Eren transform into a Titan on top of the Wall.

At Erwin's signal, Squad Levi launches the wheelbarrows with gunpowder to Rod's hands. The gunpowder explodes in contact with the extremely hot body of the Titan, destroying his hands and making him lose his balance. Erwin orders Eren to go next and he charges against the Titan carrying the net with more gunpowder barrels.

Shortly before the battle, Erwin and Squad Levi discussed the plan to take down Rod, and Erwin guessed correctly that the gunpowder would explode due to the heat of his body, and because he was dragging his head along the ground, the friction should have destroyed his face, leaving his mouth wide open and vulnerable to throw gunpowder into it, this being the only way to destroy his head.

Historia kills her father

As Rod's Titan stumbles against the Wall, Eren follows Erwin's plan and throws the gunpowder barrels into the Titan's mouth. Rod's head explodes and Squad Levi begins slicing the pieces that are flying around, trying to find the piece corresponding to his nape and cut it. Historia joins in the attack and cuts the right piece, killing Rod Reiss.

Historia declares herself as the true queen in front of the citizens

As she slices her father's nape, she sees memories of a young Rod jailed while he demands explanations from his father for not killing the Titans despite having the Coordinate, and of Uri and Frieda before inheriting it, expressing their desire to save humanity. She sees Rod kneeling desperately before Alma, her mother, saying that she is the only one who understands him, followed by a memory of a bloody corpse.

Rod's Titan body explodes, and a short while later Historia awakens on a cart. As she regains consciousness, she finds herself surrounded by the shocked citizens, who recognize her as the one who finished off the Titan but wonder who she is, since she is not wearing a jacket with her military uniform. She stands up and tells them that she is Historia Reiss, the true ruler of the Walls.

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